Spiritual Poem about Death

Poem About Coming Close To Death

I am a college student with a passion for writing poems about things that have happened in my life or in the lives of people very close to me. I wrote this poem about my friend who passed away two years ago (21, pregnant, from cancer), my great grandmother who died slowly, and my good friend's twin brother who died of Meningitis. All of these stories end in tragedy, but they had one thing in common. They all prayed and God pulled them through to a better place. This poem is short but meaningful.

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Published by Family Friend Poems August 2016 with permission of the Author.

You never realize what life is until you are an inch away from death,
When every second loved ones are praying for you to take your next breath.

When you are shaking from the cold, but your body is burning with fever,
When everyone has given up hope for you except that one believer.

Or maybe it's when you are dying of a broken heart,
When everything you loved, everything you dreamed of, is falling apart.

Maybe it's when you are diagnosed with cancer,
You are twenty-one and no one has an answer.

In moments like these, there is only one thing you can do,
Pray to God and beg that He will pull you through.

He is the only one who is stronger than death.
He is the one who supplies you with every single breath.

Don't take life for granted.
Don't take God for granted.


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