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Going Through Hard Times

I wrote this because I had a difficult childhood. From being abandoned, to homeless, to robbed at gunpoint, to wanting to die, I've been through so much. I struggle to find happiness and peace from within, and writing really helps me overcome some of my traumas and triumphs. I want to let other people know that I have suffered too. I can relate to them on a very personal level.

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My Life


Published: August 2018

All of my life I tried fitting in.
Little did I know I was living a sin.
Not caring what I did nor who I hurt,
I was looking for a way out of the dirt.
I wanted to feel special; I wanted to be loved,
I wanted to feel like I could eventually rise above.
Feeling so alone and so lost,
I was willing to do anything, no matter the cost.
Suffering day after day,
There was no reason for me to stay.
Couldn't find a way out,
I grew tired of being in this drought.
Feeling as if I would never be cared for,
Not being able to spread my wings and soar.
I wanted to die and not be alive.
God whispered to me, "You have to strive for more."
He told me to roar and learn what I need to fight for.
I am trying to find peace from within.
Only then I will win.


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