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Lucille Clifton, born June 27, 1936 was a poet and writer from Buffalo, New York. Her poetry celebrates her African American heritage, and includes feminist themes, with particular emphasis on the female body; for instance, one of her more well known poems is Homage To My Hips.  From 1979 -1985 she was Poet Laureate of Maryland. In addition to her poetry, Clifton authored over 20 children's books. Lucille Clifton died on February 13, 2010, at the age of 73.

Lucille Clifton Videos

Lucille Clifton recites her poems:”What Haunts Him” and “Sorrows”.

Lucille Clifton recites her poems: “aunt jemima” and “afterblues.”

    Poems by Lucille Clifton

  • Miss Rosie

    Famous Poem

    in Famous Sad Poems

    when I watch you
    wrapped up like garbage
    sitting, surrounded by the smell
    of too old potato peels


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  • Homage To My Hips

    Famous Poem

    in Famous Inspirational Poems

    these hips are big hips
    they need space to
    move around in.
    they don't fit into little


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    Work what you've got and be proud of it. Someone else probably wishes they had what you've got.

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