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Describing My Reality Of A Woman In A Dream World

When I wrote this I met this stranger who I had the perfect connection with. It was the first time I can truly say I loved someone and actually meant it. From liking the same music to having the same taste in foods. We were just perfect being together in a world where we thought this type of love only exist in a dream and could never be our reality.

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My Reality Within A Dream


Published by Family Friend Poems November 28, 2023 with permission of the Author.

Something about her was different
No words exchanged but she was my woman of interest
It was her eyes that guided me to her heart
Her mind was the epitome of art
Never made for perfection
Definitely built for protection
She stands in independence
With a walk of confidence
Attitude so modest
With the soul of a goddess
Not one for lust but to be loved
Not one for games but to be cuffed
Invests in herself to become the best she's destined to be
Now that's exquisite wine and not just another cup of tea
Business over pleasure makes her distinguish
When seeking her vision my soul replenish
Fate then rised upon existence
Once she admired my persistence
Breaking down all barriers of resistance
Our love grew nearer in distance
She's the type when texts aren't good enough
Phone calls are valued but end calls makes it rough
Her smile of gold brings joy into my life
She's the perfect diamond in the mist of wildlife
No angel but a queen from a queen
No fantasy but my reality within a dream


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