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Poem About The Victims Of Sandy Hook

My heart was shaken when I heard this news, and I just couldn't seem to move on. I am a teacher, and children have always been the highlight of my life. Having participated in these "lock-down" drills, I can only imagine how things must have been that day. It gives purpose and meaning for me and inspires me to do more than just what is expected in the face of terror. It truly was such a meaningless act, and yet there are such strong survivors in the face of this tragedy.

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They Were


Published by Family Friend Poems December 2015 with permission of the Author.

Dedicated to the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary

They were the ones who made us smile
And blessed our lives for a very short while.
They were the ones who believed no wrong
And in the face of terror had to stay strong.
They were the ones who unconditionally gave
And now are the victims we failed to save.
They were the ones who were so suddenly taken,
And the world was left with its soul shaken.
They were the ones marked with innocence
And stolen away in an act that made no sense.
They were our family, our friends, and our future,
And now the minds we're no longer to nurture.
They were the ones who have made history,
And forever the face of this haunting mystery.


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