Regret Poem

Poem About Drunk Driving

This poem tells a story of a reckless teen who went to a New Year's Eve party and ended up driving home drunk, despite the efforts of his friends to stop him from doing so. In the end of it all, he feels extremely guilty and cannot fathom what he has done. The poem teaches people about the dangers of drunk driving and also shows how quickly life can end.

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New Year's Eve


Published: December 2015

My weeping mother sent me a letter.
She begged God for me to get better.
Her tears smudged the ink
As her fears turned into reality in a blink.
People warned me not to go,
But I thought we'd be fine as long as we went slow.

Every morning I wake up regretting
The pain I caused on those who try forgetting.
I'd never imagine I'd be in this cell.
I wish I had gone straight to hell.

She didn't deserve to die.
Now her mother and father always cry.
In the dark they try and find their way,
But their light has been taken away.


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