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Past, Present, Future


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008 with permission of the Author.

Giving you all of myself,
To you and not anyone else.
Every day, not just now and then,
To be able to call you more than a friend.

Friendship goes in and out.
To make it stay, to be more than a doubt,
A wish well wanted to become real,
To see through the mist that's never still.

Hearts that don't stop loving,
Even when one dies.
Eyes that are truthful that tell no lies.
Lips that share the love so sweet,
Bodies that feel the intense heat.

Sunny days spent together,
Memories that will hopefully last forever.
Winters spent keeping each other warm,
Holding each other through the storm.

Emotions so strong they must be shared
So someone else does not stand bare.
Giving without taking back.
Never giving into the slack.

Here at the chapel we stand,
To be called wife and man,
To be one forever and always,
Walking down the corridors and hallways.

Life will give plenty of times
When the corridor splits in two.
We'll go together in the dark,
But if we stay together,
We'll make it through.

Making it through, day by day,
This is what I had to say.
Learn and also be the teacher,
Of what was, is, and could be,
The Past, Present, Future.


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