Anger Poem about Love

Poem About Losing Yourself To Love

This poem is about how a person can be so caught in the blindness of love that the scene of reality no longer exists. I wanted to share this poem because no one should ever have to feel hurt from someone you think loves you. If you're in an abusive relationship, get out before it's too late. Love is pain, but it's your decision to continue to go through that pain.

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Shattered Love


Published: April 2015

broken glass
is the only thing
in sight

who knew how
serious it was
it all started as
just a little fight

as I sit and think
about the pain you
put me though
I wonder why I took
so much from you

how stupid can a person
to fall in love so
young and be blinded
by what was in front
of me
love is pain



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