Hurting Poem

Poem About Not Being Able To Let Him Go

This poem is about me and my struggles to let him go. It's been about two years now, and I still can't get myself to let him go. I hope this poem helps someone else who's going through what I am.

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Silent Tears


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2015 with permission of the Author.

The day you said it's over was the day that I died.
When it became dark, I laid down and cried,
Going over and over in my head on what to do.
I could never find the courage to let you be you.

You called me last night and told me that you still cared,
But when the call was over I was empty and in despair.
You were my first love, someone who knew me so well.
But now that we aren't a couple, people can hardly tell.

You have moved on with some other girl, I see.
I cry to myself in the darkness, wishing that it were me.
But here and now I hear your name over and over again.
I cover my heart; my heartbeat weakens because of the pain.


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