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Poem On The Importance Of Teachers

This poem is all about the importance of a teacher in a student's life.

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Very emotional as well as inspirational, and I believe this is the truth.

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Published: January 2016

'Teacher' - a word that takes me back to the start,
The start of my very first day at school.
I tightly clenched my mother's hand.
I was afraid to let her go,
But suddenly somebody held my other hand
and all my fear flew 'cause there was someone to understand.
She wiped my tears and took me to class.
It's when my grooming starts.
I understood that a teacher is the second mother or father I had,
For which I'm still glad.
I am glad that I lived under their guidance.
They taught me all, all they had.
All the manners and values I have are just because of them.
In my growing life, they are the stem.
Like a tree, I have reached heights,
For my strength re-unites.
Teachers are my preachers,
They'll live in my heart forever.
For they have given me strength to endeavor.
They are my most precious treasure. 

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  • Parth Sharma by Parth Sharma
  • 2 years ago

Very emotional as well as inspirational, and I believe this is the truth.

  • Priyanka by Priyanka
  • 2 years ago

Such a thing happened with me. I remember myself clinging onto my mother, and now I am in tenth standard and clinging onto my teachers to not let them go.

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