Betrayed Friend Poem

One of my best friends spread a lot of rumors about me when I was sick. I did bad things too, and I've tried saying sorry, but she can't treat me like a real person, and it makes me so angry. I wish she'd realize.

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The Lump In My Stomach


Published: November 2008

I'm sorry,
I don't know why it's been so hard to say,
and why it's taken so much courage.

I hoped maybe one day, it would all go away,
we'd both forget, we'd both move on,
things would go back to normal.

I lied and lied again,
I pushed away friends from you,
Because they wanted to stand up for me.

I was sick, and I was scared,
I thought if I said those things,
You'd stay close.

But you fell away,
We both got in trouble,
Lost things and people we loved.

I moved from the school to give you your space,
But you kept on going on,
Even when you found out the truth.

You still turned people against me,
for no good reason,
It didn't make sense.

I said sorry that day,
and everyone heard,
you just looked at me and then walked away.

You really don't care,
You never did,
You were happy to let me go.

I did some bad things,
I admit,
But you hurt me more then anyone before.

I always look back to our memories
and feel a lump in my stomach,
why? I don't know.

I try to move on,
But you always turn up,
Bugging me in some way.

But please, stop glaring at me,
I did nothing wrong,
and you know it.

I'm a person,
I have feelings,
And when you treat me like the way you do it hurts.

I try to let go,
I want to let go,
So please let me!

You never really liked me,
You always made me upset and mad,
Yet, you seem to be able to make me feel like this is my fault!

I don't want to have anything to do with you,
You don't want to have anything to do with me,
So leave me alone.

I moved schools so you could move on with your life,
I have done everything that's possible to say sorry,
and you still turn people against me.

I have given you a chance to move on,
So it's time you pulled your finger out
and gave me a chance too.



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