Mental Illness Poem

Anxiety And Depression From The Nighttime

I suffer with anxiety and depression. During the nighttime these conditions worsen, during a particularly bad night I wrote how I was feeling to deal with these issues.

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The Night Is The Hardest


Published: October 13, 2018

Feelings of unrelenting sorrow and fear wash over me like a wave crashing on a shore
Painful nostalgia for younger days and panic for the ones to come
Reminiscing on days and feelings I can never get back
Needing to feel close to someone to pull me back from this ledge
Overwhelming anxiety and fear
The moon and the stars do not provide enough light for this darkness in my mind
Hope drains from my soul
I can remember good times and laughter but this makes it worse
I can see these times but I cannot touch them
I am running for a light even though I cannot yet see one
The night is the hardest



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