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I wrote this after I reached my first year of sobriety.

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You are not alone. Many of us are on that same boat with you. Some wear life jackets while others don't. Life jackets are treatments, group meetings, speaking to someone other than family,...

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The Voice Of Addiction


Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008 with permission of the Author.

Well, it's nice to finally meet you.
I've been waiting for your call.
I've noticed you've been crying,
And I've watched you pace the halls.

Whatever has been hurting you,
I can make it disappear.
You know you have nothing to lose,
Nothing to live for, nothing to fear.

Thank you for your invention.
I'll be sure not to leave your side.
We'll become very fast acquainted.
My naive child, there's no use trying to hide.

I should probably introduce myself.
I am your very own addiction.
But you cannot be angry with me.
I am you own self-conviction.

I bet you feel rather stupid,
Falling right into my lap.
I'm a master at manipulation.
You'll never escape my trap.

How does it feel to dance with the Devil?
For he and I are one in the same.
God has completely abandoned you,
So you might as well stay in the game.

Are you honestly going to try and beat me?
A useless battle if you want to know.
Go ahead and make an attempt.
Besides, I'm in the mood for a good show.

I guess you think you're special.
But your sobriety has only lasted a year.
I'm still around every corner,
In the back of your mind.
I'm your greatest fear.

I'll always be your dirty little secret.
I won't disappear over time.
Twenty years from now you may falter,
And I'll be the first thing that comes to mind.

A vicious cycle, that's what you're thinking,
But I'm only speaking the truth.
I'm Satan's weapon of mass destruction.
The silent killer of America's youth.

It's genius when you think of it.
Everyone's looking for some Armageddon war.
But what the fools don't realize
Is every day Armageddon walks through their front door.


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  • Phillip Guerrero by Phillip Guerrero
  • 2 years ago

Very powerful words. I feel that each day clean is a victory. Whether in a row or day by day. As the years go on for me, it gets easier and easier, but it's always a fight. My family doesn't understand it all. They bought books and sat in on meetings. But they don't know about the battle I face each day. They think I am weak and that's why I relapse from time to time. Truth is I want to escape things because that's what I know. But if they only knew what it takes to be clean for just one day, much less a few months or a couple years. I honestly don't even know who I am without drugs. I think I'm a good person. I believe in my heart I am, but no matter what, I will always get judged for who I am. No matter what I do, nothing will ever change the way people look at me and judge me. But it's OK and the master of my domain I do have a choice today. Sometimes it is a choice just to make it to the end of the day and go to sleep without getting high. Most days I accomplish that goal.

  • Reina Sandoval by Reina Sandoval
  • 2 years ago

You are not alone. Many of us are on that same boat with you. Some wear life jackets while others don't. Life jackets are treatments, group meetings, speaking to someone other than family, some sort of support, and those who aren't wearing one are those who are doing it alone. Either can relapse, but one has support to fall back on and the other doesn't, making it hard to bounce back. To stay sober longer, we need that support system because we cannot do it alone. We need others to give us courage and love when needed. You are not weak; addiction is a disease, and it has nothing to do with strength, and others don't see that; it's sad. Like you mentioned, they can read books and attend meetings, but they will never know the struggle we go through and the constant battle we have in our minds. All we want is peace, and the only way is to ask for help. Don't ever let those bring you down or make you feel some type of way that you fall apart and possibly relapse. Ignore them! Stay up!

  • Natasha Westhead by Natasha Westhead
  • 2 years ago

I so relate to this poem. I've been dealing with addiction for ten years, and I'm trying to get clean. Every day is a struggle.

  • Lauren Wells by Lauren Wells
  • 6 years ago

I'm 33 years old and still messing up once a week. I've been battling this addiction for 17 years now. I've overdosed three times, and the last time they shot narcan in me and I freaked out, so they sedated me and I flat-lined. Woke up in the ICU, hand cuffed to the bed, being committed into a detox center. I was so mad I spit in people's faces. This drug has taken everyone I love from me. My kids, a divorce, and many failed relationships. I am at my wits end and extremely tired. I'm strong but exhausted.

  • Yvon Wagner by Yvon Wagner
  • 6 years ago

I am reaching out to you because I can feel your pain. I know how exhausted you are and also how strong you can be. I don't know you, but I love you and know millions of people are out there waiting for you. I pray you hear their calling to you even over the sirens of the disease. Wishing the universe kindness your way today.

  • Jesse Miller P by Jesse Miller P
  • 9 years ago

Hi, my name is Jesse. In 2008, I lost my first girlfriend, and probably about a month or two later after she passed away, that is when my addiction started, and it lasted for about four years. I never thought about anyone but myself when I was high out of my mind on anything. I went into many many rehabs, and whenever I was released I would check myself back in. I was scared to go back into the world. I am now 19, and graduating high school with not an once of any drugs in my body. I recently fell in love with my best friend who has helped me push through my addictions.

  • Crystal by Crystal
  • 7 years ago

Thank God; he has pulled you through. This shows us that there is hope. Drugs are the root of evil. So proud of you.

  • Capri Laney by Capri Laney
  • 9 years ago

I'm 17 years old and the boy I've spent my last 2 years with has lost himself to dope. I'm heart broken beyond repair and I just want the person I first met back. I used to be his motivation, now I'm luck to be a second thought. He's tried to stop but failed after a week. I'm a good girl, and I'd never seen someone lose so much control. I don't know what to do. Something inside me tells me even if he stops for awhile, after time and stress he'll go right back to it. I want to be hopeful for him and the future but I feel I'm being unrealistic and I've lost him & I'll never get him back. He's suicidal as it is, and I know if he lost me that'd be it. But I'm losing myself trying to be strong. If one day he's gone, I hope he'll look upon me and see the pain he's caused everyone other than just himself.

  • Johnathan Holcomb by Johnathan Holcomb
  • 5 years ago

Do you love him? I mean really love him? Like you would die for him or take cancer from him and give it to yourself type of love. If you honestly answer that question, then you have your answer.

  • Al Washburn by Al Washburn
  • 6 years ago

Sometimes it takes a long time for someone to realize the hurt that they are causing. A piece of advice for you. If you know in your heart that you are losing yourself, then you need to step away from him. You gotta let him fall. He has to understand that you are in more pain than he understands. For your own sake, you need to step away. He's gonna do what's he's gonna do, even if you’re not there. If he does overdose, he decided that a long time ago. I'm sorry, but addicts have a hard time understanding the pain they cause to those around them. Alcohol or drugs, it don't matter. He has to change for himself! He has to straighten out for himself! He has to find his way. Many have tried to help him. Now it's his turn to help himself. Stop letting yourself die inside one piece at a time over him. I know it's hard, but you gotta move on. Then, and maybe only then, he'll realize the great thing he had and straighten up! I'm 30 years clean from alcohol!

  • Tyna Stemp by Tyna Stemp, Puyallup Washington
  • 9 years ago

To start this from beginning I would have to start now. This is something I have had a problem doing since denial was where we depart, from our simple and secure lives, we venture into the very place we will die. With choices to make and everyone telling us what is at stake. We still puff, sip, huff, and decide the high is the decision we have to now make. As much as we know this is no where to be in life we can't stop it's pain it's sharper than any knife. We struggle everyday whether we want to or not, just to take away the pain we long since forgot.

  • Natasha by Natasha, Kansas City MO
  • 10 years ago

I'm a recovering everything my son died at 7 months. I wanted anything to alter my reality. Thank you so much for this poem.

  • Cindy Reed by Cindy Reed, Washington State
  • 10 years ago

Hello everyone! This poem truly spoke to me. Although addiction is something new to me, I feel that this poem was a glimpse into the harsh reality of my future. Having an addiction is like being in love with the "bad boy". You know you shouldn't be investing all of your time with him, but you can't help it, your obsessed. Each time you swear it's the last time.

  • Jeff Poorman by Jeff Poorman, Cypress CA
  • 11 years ago

Hi, My name is Jeff, I have 90 days clean today. I just completed Cooper Fellowship in Santa Ana. I am now moving to a sober living house. I thought I was just gonna do my 90 days then go back to getting High BUT that place really taught me something.. I'm on Step 8 right now and it's a hard one but that's okay today. I can make it through it. Thank You & God Bless

  • Irene Eure by Irene Eure
  • 2 years ago

Stay strong don't let the devil drug get the best of you. I am a mom of an addict. I myself am a recovering addict 25 years now. My higher power (God) was the one who gave me the strength to leave the Devil Drug. I thought my daughter would see sobriety is possible after all I went through. But the Devil has control, and he won't let go. Good luck to you!

  • Tara Ong by Tara Ong, Mass.
  • 11 years ago

I really love this poem, the best time to sit down and write a poem is when your emotions are overflowing and you've got so much on your mind. I just made the 4 year mark on my journey and I have to agree my addiction still sits right there next to me. But knowing there are people out that feel just like I do, makes it that much easier to feel like I don't have to go through this alone! Thank you for sharing.

  • Kelsie by Kelsie, Kansas City MO
  • 12 years ago

My name is Kelsie, and I'm a teenager in Kansas City, Missouri. I loved this poem and hope to use it in a forensics tournament. I think addicts are more often brushed under the table rather than actually helped like they should be. I don't see why people are so mean to anyone who has ever had an addiction... I just see it as someone who lost their way or just didn't want to deal with pain. I've had my issues with addiction, also.. But I've been clean for three years now! Thank you for such an inspiring poem!

  • Dallas Tx by Dallas Tx
  • 13 years ago

this is so touching! I did meth for a little over a year and I was constantly on it and never slept! I felt like I had no way out!
I'm sober now I just quit cold turkey and it was really difficult but its been 4 years and I'm doing great!!

  • Las Vegas by Las Vegas
  • 13 years ago

My mother started me on speed at age ten, I will be fifty next month and I am a meth and a needle junkie. I work and keep a full time job. I don't steal. I am still addict and trying to find sobriety. A lost soul

  • Kathleen Mccleskey by Kathleen Mccleskey, Cocoa Beach
  • 13 years ago

Hi my name is Kathleen, I am 23 years old and am a recovering heroin, oxy, methadone addict. I have 19 months clean and am truly a miracle to have another chance at life!
When I read this poem I felt as if my life struggle with addiction was put into words right in front of my eyes! I as well write poetry about addiction for me it is therapy, I can write better than I talk, When I speak I tend to think way too much about what I am going to say...Anyways for 9 years I shot up oxys and heroin my life was a perfect of hell, I struggled for years trying to get sober when in reality I hadn't had enough. Only 19 months and 4 days ago had I gotten on my knees and told God I was ready and willing...Addiction is brutal, it is bone crushing, soul taking, it took EVERYTHING from me! I never thought in a million years that I had a way out, Now I know I do through GODS will, My 12 step program, fellowshipping, Willingness, open-mindedness, honesty ,helping others, and the desire to stop using. Today I live just for today

  • Andrea by Andrea, TN
  • 13 years ago

I really like this one because I am a recovering herion addict, and I can relate to everything in this poem. I have been clean for eight years now, with the help of a methadone maintenance program.

  • Jessica by Jessica
  • 13 years ago

Wow, I really loved this; I don't have much of addictions; I was addicted to pain pills, smoked pot, and tried cocaine. I didn't want to become worse of a person so I stopped. I still enjoy painkillers; but that's cause I'm usually in physical pain. I don't abuse it anymore like I use too. but this was amazing,!

  • Gloria by Gloria, Cincinnati
  • 14 years ago

This is so inspiring! I have been sober for a couple months and your writing is helping me stay this way.

  • Ashley Burke by Ashley Burke
  • 15 years ago

I loved the poem. I've been sober for 4 months now and I now know it will always be with me. This poem touched me and only another person that has had an addiction would understand. Its nice to know that others are going through the same thing as I!

  • reann milanowski by reann milanowski
  • 15 years ago

this poem was probably the best addiction peom ever i really loved it and it speaks the truth

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