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The Recent Shootings And Our Flag At Half-staff

My son and I were going out to lunch recently. As we passed a school, we took notice that the flag was flying at half-staff. My son asked why. I reminded him of the two very recent mass shootings in our country. Feeling sad to see our flag lowered so often I commented that, "They should just keep the flag lowered to half-staff because these tragedies are happening so frequently." I was inspired to express my feelings in this poem.

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Published by Family Friend Poems September 2019 with permission of the author.

Today our flag is flying low
as teardrops stain its cloth,
mourning yet another day
so many lives were lost.

Shopping just as we've all done
many countless times,
celebrating time off work,
a feeling so sublime.

But something else was lurking there...
an evil so obscene,
a stranger armed with magazines
that stopped their lives mid-stream.

I fear that we will never see
the tears of grieving dried,
nor over our bucolic land
our flag raised high in pride.


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