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Poem About Sandy Hook Shooting

Twenty beautiful children were killed in Connecticut on December 14, 2012. This is a poem is written from a child's perspective.

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Twenty Less

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Published: December 2015

I woke up to see the bright Connecticut sky.
My mom came in with a holiday twinkle in her eye.
She helped me get dressed and the morning flew by.

I ran down the stairs in the blink of an eye,
Kissed Mommy and hugged Daddy goodbye,
Went out to wait with sister at the stop sign.

The bus arrived and I was free.
I heard the singing of birds and the buzzing of bees.
The bell rang and my teacher smiled back at me.
My friends and I sat in a circle and began to recite our ABCs
But suddenly.....

The door burst open, a man with a gun,
And we all realized our time was done.
We were all scared and some started to cry,
But a little confidence bubbled up on my inside.

I heard the booms and felt a sharp pain.
I was sad to leave the things I would never gain,
The family members I would dearly miss,
My mom's face, smile, and lips that I kissed.

I remembered Daddy's bear hugs,
His musky cologne, feeling warm and snug.
Sister was only a few classrooms away; through the window I sometimes could see.
I'll never get to tell her how much she means to me.

Suddenly a powerful hand touched my face,
A soothing voice calmed my heart's pace.
"Don't worry, my child, you were here once before," said He.
"I love you and missed you and am glad you're with me."

I looked around and saw halos and wings,
Happiness and love and wonderful things.
I saw my friends, not dead, but here with me,
And realized what my life had come to be.

That man sent me here, but I'm doing okay,
Even though despair and sadness fill my family's day.
I watch with sorrow as I tear my family apart,
But they'll soon realize I'm still in their hearts.

Maybe he was crazy; maybe he was ill.
Did that give him a reason to kill?
Maybe the man hurt us because he was hurting inside.
When he killed us, a part of our small town died.

Love with everything you've got.
Laugh, hug, and smile a lot.
You never know what Father has in mind.
You'll never know when it's your time.

So take it as a lesson, whether you're young or old.
Learn from me and know your life is full of gold.
Maybe this will teach you to never regret a thing.
Although it's sad, you could've been me.

Pray for my family and my friends too.
Be joyous and glad that it wasn't you,
And although it's really hard and tough,
God would want us to forgive the killer we've hated enough.

I know they miss me and I'll miss them,
But what's done is done; it's the end.
So enjoy your years; they go by fast.
Forget and forgive things from your past.



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