Poem about Spirituality

Encapsulating The Past, Present, And Future

Time in a Capsule suggests a concept of encapsulating the essence of time within a confined space, the containment and the preservation of moments.

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Time In A Capsule

Vinny Vintila © more by Vinny Vintila

Published by Family Friend Poems February 13, 2024 with permission of the Author.

I find myself straddling time,
with one foot anchored in the past
and the other stepping into the future.
Meanwhile, I tightly grasp the present with both hands,
embracing the delicate equilibrium
between yesterday's memories
and the promise of tomorrow.



Vinny Vintila was raised in Transylvania, Romania, and he grew up in a middle-class household where work ethic and education were very important. In 1997 he left Romania and settled in California, USA. Initially, it was a little bit of a culture shock, but he adjusted well. After just one year, he joined the Army National Guard Reserve for four...

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