Son Death Poem

The Pain After Loosing My 18 Year Old Son

My story is about the pain of living without my son, who had just turned 18. Everyone wants you to go on like nothing happened; life must go on; how does one do that with a heart that is broken and feeling as if you have no purpose,

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How Much Do I Miss You


Published by Family Friend Poems February 7, 2024 with permission of the Author.

I miss you more with every day passing.
I thought it would get easier and not everlasting.
The hurt and pain that my heart cannot take.
Just another day that I just must awake.
To face the day as if nothing is wrong.
While my heart screams out, I cannot go on.
Everyone preaching life must continue.
How does one go one if I cannot be with you
Floating around as if there is no life purpose
A broken heart and living as if I am in a circus
Showing up with your face all painted
Smiling and juggling so not to show how devastated
Loosing you has tortured my every moment of this life
My heart feels ripped open stabbed with a sharp knife
Emptiness consumes me in each moment of the day
I long to be with you and have at least one final say
How much do I miss you words just cannot express
I long to be with you I must confess.
The day we are reunited the heavens will sing.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah what joy this will bring.


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