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My beautiful 29 year old daughter, who has always been everybody's smile, lost her way. Her kindness, compassion and love for family, children and animals is unsurpassed. She stumbled along the way, trusted the wrong people and gave her heart to the wrong man. During that stumble she became addicted to alcohol and Xanax. She is at the end of her 90 day faith-based rehab program. She has found that God is the healer, strength and the hope. She has learned what faith can do. She made her way back to God and family.

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Hi Lou, I was touched by your story. I'm a recovering addict, clean and sober almost 4 years now. I'm also a 50 year old single mom. I think that a person will seek help, but only when they...

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To My Daughter After Rehab

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Published: January 2014

I prayed for God to wrap His arms
Around my little brown-eyed girl
Asking Him to send His angels
To protect her in this world

I asked Him to surround her
with good people in her life
I asked Him to remove the
Things that cause her so much strife.

I asked Him for His guidance
For his strength to help us through
To bring us back together
He showed me what to do.

I asked Him for forgiveness
For His mercy I would beg
To open up my heart and
To clear what's in my head

I asked Him to take away
Your sorrows and your fears
To mend your broken heart
And wipe away your tears

I asked Him to open your eyes
And allow you to hear and see
What were lies and what was truth
And what was meant to be.

My prayers were so simple
Yet felt deeply in my heart.
His presence so apparent
With faith He'd do His part

He answered all my prayers
And gave so much more than asked
We will now all move forward
Burying the past.



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  • Amber by Amber, Memphis
  • 8 months ago

This is my first post to a poem that I like. I agree with some of the others above that it's so nice to see your story turn out okay. I've lived with an alcoholic father my whole life. I have let it determine my emotions and decisions that your poem helped me to remember to hate the disease not the person. Thank you and God bless!

  • Lou Ellis by Lou Ellis
  • 3 years ago

My fiance's ex wife is a severe alcoholic. He has put her through 6 rehabs and every time she relapses. I try to be understanding of the situation but she blames him for everything wrong in her life. They have been divorced but she can't let go of the past. I and my fiance have gone above and beyond to help her but she refuses to help herself and let the past remain in the past. We have lost all hope in helping her however your poem helped me more than you can imagine. I am so happy that your daughter was doing good after rehab and I will be praying that she stays that way. Please keep my fiance's ex in your prayers, the good lord knows what he's doing, but it doesn't hurt to tell him your opinions about the situation.

  • Heidi Beeson by Heidi Beeson
  • 2 years ago

Hi Lou, I was touched by your story. I'm a recovering addict, clean and sober almost 4 years now. I'm also a 50 year old single mom. I think that a person will seek help, but only when they are really ready to stop. In May and June of 2007, my family lost my sister's daughter, who was a tender age of only 24...Then, exactly 3 weeks later, on Father's Day, my husband (and father to our wonderful 6 year old son) passed away. Both to addiction. We were completely devastated and still struggle with the deep holes it left in each one of our lives. Wishing you prayers and positive thoughts. If there are children involved, then I only hope for all's sake it gets better. Good luck to you and happy holidays....

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