Love Poem about Marriage

This story is about love and family. I have been married twice, 3 children in all. With each marriage I have learned a great deal about myself. To be successful in any relationship you have to work hard. It never comes easy, but the rewards are tremendous. I now have a loving wife, and yes at times things can be stressful. Together we talk and support one another. It can be easy to devote all your attention to the children. Always remember to save time for your spouse. Remember to love!

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True Love Never Lost


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2011 with permission of the Author.

As we age I cherish the past,
two lovers grow, a family at last.
A date night followed by talks and lust,
next day kids and school, waiting for the bus.

Kindergarten went by fast,
dance, baseball, what a blast!
Our little baby is a teen,
where did the time go in between?

Date night, when was the last time?
Work, bills, we're left without a dime.
Our kids are growing, graduation soon,
perhaps like a flower our lost love will bloom.

Our patience short, a sudden turn,
our love colliding, starting to burn.
Shouting, crying, regret once more,
have we forgotten our love, will there be no more?

Back from a seed, a giant Willow Tree,
spreading the roots, a strong foundation, a family tree.
Thankful for much, God's helping hand,
guiding us with his mighty plan.

Through the dark, two lovers rise,
the blinders are taken from our eyes.
Thankful for much, why couldn't we see
the blessings abound, a beautiful family.

Laughing, dancing, date nights, talks,
picnics, kissing, moon-lit walks.
Though the trials and tribulations we did see,
that true love and family forever will be.


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