Love Poem about Marriage

Here is a sweet poem about why she feels they are still married. I believe that God gave me this gift. It just seems like I can't write a good poem unless it just comes to me.

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Still Married


Published: September 2008

Your hand has already been taken.
You will never be forsaken.
My life long promise will always stand.
Until my last breath I will always hold your hand.
Through everything you're half of me.
Even though we may not always agree.
You're my love, my heart.
We shall never part.
This world may not be fair.
But through sickness and in health I promise to be there.
To make you happy that's my only wish.
To love and obey is also part of my promise.
Being married to you is so sweet.
I recognize that your beauty is not only skin deep.
No mistakes will be healed against you, only buried.
That's why I believe that we're still married.



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