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Poem About Never Finding Love

In this poignant poem, the author explores the elusive nature of love and the personal struggles that come with searching for it. The heartfelt verses delve into the disappointment of encountering broken hearts and the longing for a love that seems to evade them. With raw emotion and introspection, the poem questions why love remains elusive and contemplates the idea of being undeserving of true affection. Through its honest reflections, the poem delves into the bittersweet reality of feeling left behind while witnessing others find love.

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Dear Ric, I've suffered for so long myself asking this question, however, this is what time has taught me. Love isn't a thing that you see from others and want to have the exact copy of;...

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What Is Love?

© more by Ronita Lee

Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008 with permission of the Author.

What is love
and why does love never find me?
Instead, broken hearts surround me,
And once again the wrong man found me,
saying he wouldn't hurt me,
but in the end he didn't deserve me
What is love
and why doesn't love know my name?
I prayed to God that it would change,
but true love never came.
What is love?
I ask myself time after time.
Why is love so blind?
or I shouldn't waste my time.
I guess broken hearts are only made for me,
because love finds everyone else but love never found me....


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  • Paul Denehy by Paul Denehy
  • 4 years ago

I am a 56-year-old gay man. I have never been in love, and it puzzles me that love hasn't found me. I feel that I have a lot to offer someone. It actually scares me that there is a possibility that I will never be in love. Although I truly feel this way, I still feel a glimmer of hope that love is on the way; it's out there and on its way to me, not in my time, but in its time - it will be here, just be patient. I have to believe this - it helps me to not feel as lonely.

  • Nino by Nino
  • 3 years ago

Love is like playing hide and seek. It does not come when you are looking for it. Try to live your day and your life without searching for it. The person who pulls it is the person you did not expect in your life to love. Hope you will find love soon.

  • Susan by Susan
  • 3 years ago

I feel the same way as you do I'm 50 years old. I saw that you wrote this a year ago and I hope love has found you.

  • Ronita Lee by Ronita Lee
  • 4 years ago

Hey Mr. Paul,
I'm so happy to hear that my poem has helped you in many ways. Continue to believe in love. Know that love comes in so many other ways. I'm 30 years old now. I wrote this poem my senior year of high school. I feel the same today as I felt the day I wrote this. Three years ago, I lost my mom in a house fire, and three years ago my daughter was born. The love I have for my mom is unmatched. That loss poured my heart. Now my daughter looks at me every day and shows me love, so much love. It's genuine, it's pure, and it's the best feeling of belonging from such a little person. I wish you the best. I'm always here for you. You will be in my prayers. Love is on its way to you!

  • Suparna by Suparna
  • 5 years ago

Love came to my life in various ways and roads, but none lasted for a long period. My parents have been in love for 30 years now, but I seem to have lacked love. Every person who came to my life disappeared without any reason. I stopped being in love. It feels lonely at times, but I feel happy in loneliness hoping at least it's better than a broken heart.

  • Lebanon by Lebanon
  • 9 years ago

Every time the wrong guy chose me , and I Always feel sad when we got separated. But now I know that I don't need a man, I am happy that I have my family and friends and that they truly love me . So love is not only to be in a relationship, love is to be surrounded with the people that love us and never hurt us. So I said to myself that being without love is not a big deal, the only thing that matters is to trust myself and follow my goals in life, and maybe love will come when I will achieve my goals.

  • San Bernardino by San Bernardino, CA
  • 10 years ago

It's hard to believe in something when you can't find it. My name is Ric, I'm 34. I know what love is. I see an example of that every time I see my parents, they have been married over 34 years and they are inseparable. All I wanted was to find that someone that I could share that with. Yet, time after time, after I get close to someone things fall through. To make things worse, they always end it. When I felt that I didn't put enough into the relationship, it still hurt but I accepted those losses. I felt as it was my fault. But then there were those relationships where I put in 100%, and things still went wrong. With those kind of relationships it just leaves me wondering why? I'm tired of getting hurt, getting better, then finding someone again just to repeat the cycle. I'm tired. I'm giving up. I don't want to be hurt anymore. I don't even want love to find me anymore.

  • Lusa Anne by Lusa Anne
  • 7 years ago

Dear Ric,

I've suffered for so long myself asking this question, however, this is what time has taught me. Love isn't a thing that you see from others and want to have the exact copy of; it's seeing someone who may totally be what you don't want on paper but you guys have that mutual respect for one another initially, become friends with no expectations of anything, and it sort of happens. Love comes with so many sacrifices as well.

If you ask your parents, I'm sure there are times they want to strangle each other or walk away, however, they chose not to, and furthermore they had a mutual agreement to show love towards you.

I hope you learn to love without conditions, even to the most unlovable person, and surely you won't miss love 'cause it's something you would have so freely given.

  • Irene Charlie by Irene Charlie
  • 8 years ago

Nothing disappoints like a relationship that doesn't work out, especially if you have lived to see a living example of the kind of relationship you want. I have never found the relationship I wanted, and I have always envied my friends who are in relationships. But that doesn't make me give up on love and it doesn't make me a love hunter either. I have learned that the perfect kind of love is the one that you never searched for. That love which nature brings to you as a gift of being who you are and having a life you enjoy. If you find yourself draining all you have and all you are in a relationship, you have not yet found the right one. Lets not give up on love, let's embrace it by loving ourselves first then creating the life we will love and share it with others...It's never too late to fall in love so let's not let loneliness get the best of us.

  • Lucy by Lucy
  • 9 years ago

I am the female version of you! 34 years old and my parents have been married for 40 years. I am incredibly lonely, all I have ever wanted was to find love and still I am alone.

  • Sarah by Sarah, NC
  • 10 years ago

Wow, this is amazing. I use to think I was alone in this sinking boat. I'm 38 and have felt like this all my life. I was married for 15 years and my child and I was abandoned, Then I found someone else and was with him for 7 years before he took his own life. I feel like I'm not meant to be loved. My definition of love is: It's a fallacy of emotions. I hope that some day someone will prove me wrong.

  • Kyra by Kyra, Sc
  • 10 years ago

WOW I don't know how to tell you Thank You. I felt like I am alone no love, no one who will cherish me as I would them. I know I am young but it hurts, I've have gone around school for my whole life and yet has love found me. I always thought it was avoiding me till I met this one guy, I felt so happy until till I heard that line "I think we should be friends" I didn't accept it till today when I saw him with another. A slap in the face and now that I've read this I know I'm not alone I feel that the weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank You!!!!!!!

  • Muna by Muna
  • 10 years ago

It seemed I was surrounded with love but I discovered they loved me because I belonged to them not for what I am ...its difficult to explain but the poem brought tears in my eyes ..

  • Alyon by Alyon, Israel
  • 10 years ago

Hi, Ronita Lee? - I just wrote a song with your poem - it really touched me- if you give me permission and email me your address I'll send it to you and use your name as the writer if I ever put it up-

  • R.M.A by R.M.A
  • 11 years ago

I am 31 years !! and as you said love never found me :(

  • Gail by Gail, Prince Edward Island Canada
  • 11 years ago

Is it so wrong to want the other half of your heart? I have searched all my life and in the end came up with nothing except being deceived by people I thought at one time loved me. I so wish with all my heart I could find my soul mate. Perhaps it is not to be.

  • Kittycat by Kittycat
  • 11 years ago

This poem is just what I feel like! I never knew others felt the same!

  • Bhaskar by Bhaskar, India
  • 11 years ago

Very good depiction of what I myself have been through for years....I did pray to God for a long time to change it and let Love find me, but in vain! Finally, gave up praying and believing in God...felt much better after that, as I started believing in myself!

Patricia, I can understand how it feels....you expressed it the exact way I feel too, when I see two people together....I feel so helpless and realize that it can't be me....

And hey Chester, what you said is quite encouraging...."I will no longer look for Love, I will let it find me."

I think I should start doing it too....!

Cheers to everyone!!

  • Ferooz by Ferooz, Afghanistan
  • 11 years ago

My name is Ferooz. I am 25 years old. I read the poem and started to cry because that poem is basically my life.
All my life I wanted to find love, but I never succeeded in this way . thanks again for your nice poem.

  • Patricia by Patricia
  • 12 years ago

This poem really touched me. 17 years and love never found me, it makes me feel so alone. I'm crushed every time I see two people together and realize that can't be me.

  • Chester by Chester, Pa
  • 13 years ago

Very nice poem my story also I never find the right person whenever I let my guard down, now my guard is up again I guess I must live life and hope for the best I will no longer look for love I will let it find me ;)

  • Ashley by Ashley, Florida
  • 13 years ago

When I read this poem, a thousand memories started to flow through my mind, Everytime I have almost come close to that special someone, they slip away. This poem is so extremely true for a lot of people, but someday love will find everyone, they just got to open up to the pain and allow themselves to be hurt so somebody can come along and heal them with their love.

  • Ethan by Ethan, Idaho
  • 13 years ago

Well; A very good poem I may say.....I cried it I started to cry....Then I laughed and I got a message from a ex and it made everything better.... Still it isn't able to answer my Question; What is love....

  • Sylvia Gutierrez by Sylvia Gutierrez
  • 13 years ago

This poem is so true. Love is everywhere except near me. I'm always falling for the wrong person but those who I like never notice me at all.

  • Stephanie by Stephanie, Ohio
  • 13 years ago

I love this poem it's the truth about a lot of lives and mine is one of them. that poem touches you in the heart. I loved it.

  • Alan by Alan, Lumberton
  • 13 years ago

My name is Alan. I am 17 years old. I read the poem and started to cry because that poem is basically my life.
All my life I wanted to find love, but I never succeeded. Thank you for writing that poem.

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