Family Poems for Kids

Family Poems for Kids

Fun & Serious Family Poems for Children

All children are born into a family, and it’s with those people they create bonds, strong relationships, and lasting memories. Even when brothers and sisters get on each other’s nerves, deep down they love each other. Grandparents, mothers and fathers, and siblings hold a special place in a child’s heart.

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  1. Open Arms

    • By Nicole R. Melson
    • Published: June 2019
    My Father And Me

    You're the one with open arms
    When the darkness closes in.
    When the shadows come and the nightmares make it hard to sleep,
    You're always there to chase them all away.

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  3. Brother Trouble

    Fun Poem About Mixed Feelings For An Older Brother

    Of all the burdens I must bear,
    My brother's number one.
    Our parents really messed up there.
    They've raised an awful son.

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    A beautiful poem with childhood memories, both positive and negative. The experience of many younger brothers, I guess.

  4. My Little Nephew

    Whenever I see your sweetest smile,
    My pain and sorrow are gone for a while.

    Whenever I get mad because you're so unruly,

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  6. Muffins With Momma

    Memories Of Baking With Mom

    Momma's in the kitchen
    making muffins for me.
    There's eggs, raisins, milk
    And white powdery stuff I see.

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  7. Mommy Will Sing A Lullaby

    All tucked up and snug in bed
    as angels stand guard above your head,
    Mommy will kiss away your fears.
    She'll stroke your hair and dry your tears.

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  8. Great Grandpa

    My Great Grandfather And His Life's Work

    Great Grandpa is a wise old man who says he's ninety-four.
    He tells me that he lost his leg fighting in some war.
    When I was just a little tot with eyes and nose still runny,
    He swears that he forgot my name, so now he calls me Sonny.

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    Balter's poem reminds me of my own grandfather whom I lost 49 years ago when he was 94. I remember his two habits very lucidly. He was a frugal eater. He used to weigh his food every time...

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  10. Boys

    Poem About The Adventures Of Little Boys

    Bullseyes and targets, marbles and darts.
    Little green bugs and bicycle parts.
    Frogs in their pockets, worms in their shirt.
    A boy is a boy for all he is worth.

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  11. Night Before Christmas

    • By Allie Henderson
    • Published: December 2016
    Cozy Christmas Night WIth Family

    'Twas the night before Christmas.
    The smell of pine
    Filled up the family room
    While watching the star blink

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    Family time fill moments with lasting memories... Enjoyed

  12. Brielle

    The World Is Your Schoolroom And You Have The Key

    Your warm brown eyes with a gleem full of style.
    Your cute little ways, it could make anyone smile.
    My birthday wish to you from me.
    The world is your school room and you have the key.

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    My granddaughters Brielle and Madison are beautiful children. Talented. We are lucky to have them. Grammy is prouder than proud. My brown eyed girls. God blessed Grammy and Mom many times....

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  13. Breaking Day

    • By Margaret Benison
    • Published: October 2014
    Poem About A Naughty Kid

    Today, I broke everything I touched
    Brother's phone,
    His toys,
    My own toothbrush

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    I get what you feel. I have bad days too. But whatever I do, I will still be loved, AND SO WILL YOU! Go for it! Don´t be afraid to shine! Crack a joke! Be brave. You will survive! If you need...

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