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  1. A Different Kind Of Hero

    • By Heather Griffith
    • Published: December 2008

    A hero to me is not just a person who died for their country
    or went inside a burning building or stuff like that.
    A hero to me is a single mother who survives every day by herself,
    A teenager against all odds getting through life,

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    I really connected with your poem. It was heart wrenching and it got me thinking about everything in my life and how we live. This is coming from a child born into a single parent home, so...

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  3. Laughter

    • By Katie Lou
    • Published: September 2016
    Uplifting Poem About Laughing

    A little bit of laughter,
    A little bit of tears,
    A little bit of happiness,
    A little bit of fear.

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  4. Don't Give Up On Yourself

    Finding Yourself

    I'm on my way.
    They may ask me, "Where to?"
    Well, that I cannot say...
    For even I have no clue.

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  6. Journey Of Life

    Poem Encouraging You To Look On The Bright Side

    Life is a long-distance journey
    With ups and downs,
    Twist and turns,
    With sad and happy moments.

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  7. Heart Over Matter

    • By Din Kriegsman
    • Published: August 2016
    Poem About Life's Internal Dilemmas

    When your heart suddenly feels
    light, excited, at ease.
    When you feel like your heart just knows what to do
    and your worries are far from your mind as are you.

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  8. Don't Look Back


    Just keep on walking,
    A small voice said.
    Don't dare look back.
    Look straight ahead.

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  10. Memories

    • By Carley.Ruggles
    • Published: June 2011
    Moving Beyond Bad Memories

    Memories, memories
    I have had.
    Some were good, though most were bad.
    Physical and sexual abuse occurred

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    Thank you. What a powerful, moving poem. I truly hope you have grown to become who you dreamed you could be. There is plenty of beauty left in the world for us all to find and time to create...

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  11. Too Broken To Break

    • By Belle Messina
    • Published: May 2011

    Here's to the girl with the invincible spirit,
    No matter how confused her soul may be.
    She's been broken many times,
    Searching for love that was just not there.

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    This poem I really relate to in many ways. Every thing it describes is either how I feel or how I think every day. A lot of people judge me because they think I am weird or not belong because...

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  12. Time To Stop Struggling


    Life is unfair; sometimes the misery we can't bear.
    This was a feeling I could never share.
    I am strong, strong enough to move on from this pain.
    I won't feel the shame; my life is not a game.

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    I can also relate to your story when I was 28 years old I suffered from 2 ruptured brain aneurysms. I learned later than it was a miracle of God that I had survived because 99 percent of...

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  13. If You Stand For Nothing You Will Fall For Anything

    Standing Up For What You Believe

    A time has come
    and it is now.
    Will you take a stand
    or bend your knee and bow?

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