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  1. 21. Fringed Lily

    • By Talia Baken
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2016

    This poem is about the longing to be free, to be able to be adventurous and explore the world.

    Wanting To Be Understood And Appreciated

    I gracefully bloom in July,
    Clothed in a delicate silk,
    Fringed with a delicate lace,
    Sprinkled with the color of milk.

    I desire to be free like the butterflies,
    Floating and fluttering where they please.
    I yearn to explore the world
    And be as adventurous as the bees.

    The wind blows me left and right,
    But I am rooted to the ground.
    The soil holds me prisoner,
    But I hope one day I'll be found.

    One day I may be discovered.
    Gentle hands may reach down,
    Free me from my prison,
    And admire my beautiful gown.

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    This is a very beautiful poem. The inspiring topic and the perfect rhyme add charm to the poem. I can picture the lily standing in the field, a glimmer of beauty in its entire surroundings,...

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  2. 22. Just The Beginning

    one day
    it will be so clear –
    what you thought
    was the end,
    was really
    just the beginning.

    Some doors are hidden
    until we are ready
    to open them.

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  3. 23. Sunlight In The Darkness

    • By Teddy Hitaffer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 12, 2022

    I am a sixteen-year-old high school graduate from Virginia. I started writing poems at the age of seven, and since then have written around 5,000 pages in poems, short stories, and full-length stories. At the age of fifteen, I published my book Bravery Doesn't Come From A Copper Coin. I am currently writing my dystopian, suspense novel called The Eaters. I am a follower of Christ, and as of late, I have been enjoying writing psalms of praise and encouragement for me and others.

    Finding Joy In The Dark Moments Of Your Life

    Endure the dark moments to appreciate the happy ones,
    Appreciate the gloom to experience true happiness.
    The night defines the day; the dark defines the light
    Because exact opposites define each other right.
    If the gleeful, charming sun constantly shone,
    And the solemn, sad moon never seized its starry throne,
    Then our knowledge of the moon's existence would, unfortunately, be none,
    And since we wouldn't know his opposite, we wouldn't know the sun.
    Happiness comes from knowing its rival,
    Because then, happiness is somewhat surprising.
    Depression and despair exist to make you stronger,
    And when you are stronger, joy lasts a bit longer.
    So take joy when you're sad,
    Laugh when you're upset,
    Because as life's clouds slowly drift away,
    The warm, vibrant sun will shine on your day.

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    Excellent work. The beginning is as strong as the ending with interesting thoughts between. This poem impels the sun to shine at midnight! Wide advice for all to take. Keep sharing your...

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  4. 24. All Will Be Okay

    It’s okay
    it’s okay
    no matter what
    comes your way
    even when you
    have no words to say
    and your bluebird skies
    turn shades of grey

    You are here
    you are breathing
    there is something
    to believe in

    Please don’t lose faith
    all will be okay

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  5. 25. Hope

    Hope can be found in the moment
    when the sun breaks open the day
    it can be felt when the stars shine
    in the darkest part of the night
    and when a flower has grown without rain
    hope is the thread
    that ties the words together
    when I write poetry
    hope is the reason
    you’ve survived
    it lives between each heart beat
    and it’s in the air you breathe

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  6. 26. Rise Above

    • By Adrienne M. Herbst
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2016

    This poem is my reaction to the constant terror and heartache in the news today and around the world. I'm a high school English teacher and pride myself on preaching to my students that they can be the generation that brings change and peace to this world.

    Response To Orlando Tragedy

    Today another tragedy in the news,
    Senseless violence from people with nothing to lose.
    Never once thinking about the destruction and pain,
    Instead only focused on placing the blame.
    It's time for the nation to rise above,
    Learn from the past and spread laughter and love.
    Believe in the good and fight for each other,
    Make this world safe for our sisters and brothers.

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  7. 27. Bright Light

    I see you, darling.
    Holding on to your hope with both hands.
    Feeling exhausted with all the turbulence.
    But not letting go.
    Shedding and bending
    and growing and trying. So much trying.
    And you are right,
    your old life is a bad fit for you now.
    There is more for you out there.
    There is more for you inside too.
    Keep holding on to your hope.
    The world needs more of that right now.

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    Wow! That is an awesome piece. I really like it. It's very moving. I love the flow and the word choice. I am so glad I stumbled onto it. Thank you.

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  8. 28. God Will Make A Way

    Written on June 22, 2008, this poem was a result of what was happening all around me. Almost as if overnight one could see how people's lives have changed and started to fall apart. Things were really starting to look bleak and dismal, driving me to my knees in search of God's help.

    Society seems in a mess.
    Mothers cry, while fathers stress.
    To be polite is a disgrace
    as children mock you to your face

    Every day the papers show
    that crime and rape did upward go.
    The things done in laboratories
    are stashed away in lavatories.

    Drugs and sex aren't hard to find.
    It seems as if the world's gone blind,
    for what the people fail to see
    is messing up society.

    As dads no longer head their home
    and kids all sit and chat by phone.
    What once to all has been a home
    is looking like a war-torn zone.

    No longer do you find that kids
    are playing in the park,
    for it's become a hideout place
    for gangsters after dark.

    What once was right now seems so wrong.
    No more joy and no more song,
    as what this all was meant to be
    lies buried in a cemetery.

    By telling you these things my aim
    is not to make you mad.
    It's just to tell another truth,
    which soon will make you glad.

    Amidst the chaos of this world,
    of hurt, despair, and pain
    and hate along with treachery
    all done for selfish gain.

    There's this one thing I know of,
    believe with all my heart,
    that when I bend my knees to pray
    my God will make a way.

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    This is a very inspirational poem. May the poet live long to inspire more souls. It has uplifted my spirit and renewed my hope.

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  9. 29. Time Blessing

    May you know you are loved,
    Every step of the way,
    May you always have time,
    For one another each day.
    May your journey be joyful,
    With plenty of smiles,
    May you have comfort and strength,
    Throughout all of life’s trials.

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  10. 30. Hold Tightly To Your Smile

    This is an untitled poem from "The Soul" section of Ashleigh's new published poetry book, A Beautiful Difference.

    You get through the bad days
    because you have no other choice.
    There is nothing else you can do
    but hold tightly to your smile
    and try to stay positive.
    Focus on finding happiness in the little things,
    and making small achievable goals
    for yourself to feel purposeful.
    To constantly remind yourself
    that it could be worse
    to make yourself feel better.
    Giving up is not an option.
    Crying all day is not an option.
    Losing yourself is not an option.
    You have to remember that
    it is going to be ok.
    It always is eventually.
    You got this.

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  11. 31. Silent Healing

    I believe I suffered much since my father died. I've had depression because of sadness, but I was able to heal myself when I started writing about what I feel. Everything that I can't voice out loud is all written and expressed through writing.

    Healing Acrostic Poem

    How hard it is to heal a broken heart.
    Everything seems so dark,
    And it seems like the stars even lost their spark.
    Loneliness just pulled me apart.
    It even killed the dreams I have in my heart.
    Now I see the light because I learned to write,
    Giving the silent healing I need to free the sadness I was hiding inside.

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  12. 32. The Marching Heart

    I believe the beating in our hearts
    was put there to remind us
    that even when we feel alone in the world,
    a part of us marches on,
    that even at our lowest
    we carry something inside of us
    that we can lean on and turn to,
    that even when there is no one else,
    we always have ourselves.

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  13. 33. Troubles Of Life

    • By Kate Ogdenski
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011

    My name is Kate Ogdenski and I like to write poems. I base my poems on my family, facts, opinions, passions, and how I feel. I can write about anything you want. I do research if necessary. I love to write.

    Poem About A Second Chance In Life

    Life may be hard,
    and life may be cruel,
    But people beware,
    'cause you're no fool.
    You make hard decisions,
    and have many fights,
    You make few wrongs,
    but you make more rights.
    Life is not easy,
    and it's sure not fair,
    But hopefully it's bearable,
    knowing I'm there.
    You have lack in your faith,
    and fear in your heart,
    Of what's been decided,
    and you've no part.
    But you're strong people,
    and you make your own path,
    Your worries will end,
    and you'll suffer no wrath.
    Your path is your own,
    and yours alone,
    You've been given a second chance,
    smile and bring cheer,
    And dance a happy dance.

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    On Friday my brother is having his bladder, rectum and prostate removed. Due to advanced cancer. The only comfort for me was to write a poem for him. Dear bro If the face of death is...

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  14. 34. Finding Hope

    Finding Hope In Unexpected Places

    I am learning to find hope
    in the smallest and most unexpected places
    like the whispers through the forest
    and the velvet evening sky
    and the way your love is bringing back
    all the parts of my soul I thought I had lost.

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    This poem speaks to me. I really like it. We spend so much of our time focusing on things that really don't make life better and we miss out on many of the things that do.

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  15. 35. Better Will Come

    It is so important to always hold on to hope. You owe it to yourself, and by holding on to hope you are allowing things to unfold in such a way that you are more likely to come across brighter days.

    Have faith
    that although it may seem
    like the good has come and gone,
    there will be better.

    The better will
    enter your life suddenly,
    taking your breath away.

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    Wow! I love it. My kind of writing. Short, to the point with powerful words, and a great message. I have witnessed firsthand how better has come, many times.

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  16. 36. Dark World

    • By Austin Low
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2014

    This poem is about what I see with the world. This generation of kids has stopped caring and they have no love for the beauty and wonder of the world. They care about mindless stuff, they do stupid things. And this is the people we want to lead the future of the world? So I started a group with no name that is trying to help this generation out. Please ask if you want to know more about this poem or our cause.

    Who will be the sight,
    for the blind?

    who will be the voice,
    for the mute?

    who will be the sound,
    for the deaf?

    who will stand up,
    for those who can not stand?

    Who but us?
    The ones this world will be ran by,

    Who will be the comfort,
    for the beaten?

    Who will be the light
    in a world of darkness?

    Who will stand up
    and make a change for the world?

    If we do not,
    Who I ask?
    Who will but us?
    No one will.

    The blind will not see,
    the mute will not speak,
    there will be no sound for the deaf,

    those who can not stand,
    will not stand,
    those who are beaten,

    will not find comfort,
    there will be no light,
    in a dark world,

    so if you say no,
    and you stand with me,
    you will be,

    the sight for the blind,

    you will be the voice for the mute,

    you will be the sound for the deaf,

    you will help those who can not stand,

    you will be the comfort for the beaten,

    and you will be the light,
    in a very dark world.

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    I like the poem a lot, but don't think you are correct about your 'cause'. I am only 16 but I do care about everyone and I personally love beauty and nature. I am aiming to go to an art...

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  17. 37. There Is An End To This

    I’ve struggled with my mental health for a long time now, and like anything, there are good days and bad days. But even at my lowest points, I try and remember the things I have already survived. I try and remind myself that every cracking sinew is just a moment in time.

    Ultimately, no matter how desperate I’ve felt, no matter how unsurvivable the breakdown may seem, the surface of the water is always reachable, eventually. Sometimes you just need to hold your breath a little longer.

    There is
    an end to this,
    I promise you.
    Even when
    it feels like
    you’re breathing
    of water,
    the surface
    is closer
    than you think.

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  18. 38. Your Heart Will Mend

    Have faith in your heart. I promise it will mend.

    Of this I am certain:
    your heart is a tender
    wound that will always heal,
    wears grace like a grown,
    finds warmth even when
    it has frozen over
    like a lake, grows roots
    after crawling into cold
    coffins. There is no break
    your heart can’t come back

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  19. 39. It Will Take Work

    • By HOSwrites
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 4, 2021

    This poem was inspired by the current state of our union. In my opinion, we have drifted apart socially, and we have moved into a very dark place. But I believe there is hope. I think this country is big enough for all of us to live, thrive, and enjoy. But it will take work.

    Healing And Recovery

    We can get back what we lost.
    We can replenish the treasure taken.
    We can enjoy a better way.
    But it will take work.

    It will take willing minds.
    It will take searching hearts.
    It will take a healing theme.
    But it will take hard work.

    We must see with different eyes.
    We must hear with cleared ears.
    We must touch with more sensitive hands.
    But it will take very hard work.

    We can see the sun again.
    The roses will grow and bloom again.
    The home can be made safe again.
    But it will take massive work.

    The words we speak should be true.
    The actions we take should uplift.
    The motive we adopt must be pure.
    But it will take unselfish work.

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    Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave your thoughtful words.

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  20. 40. Hope Is In The Seasons

    • By Makayla Fowler
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014

    I wrote this poem when I was in my darkest moment of my life. When I was writing it I realized that there is hope in everything, and writing this poem helped me through what I was going through.

    Poem About The Seasons

    Hope is in the spring time,
    When the first bird of the year chirps.
    When the first bud opens,
    And the sweet perfume of flowers is in the air.

    Hope is in the summer time,
    When the sun shines bright in your eyes.
    When the lakes sparkle and shine under the sun,
    And when there's laughter in the air.

    Hope is in the fall time,
    When the leaves fall off the trees,
    And crunch under your feet when you walk on them.
    When birds fly away to find a warm place to stay.

    Hope is in the winter time,
    When a blanket of white covers everything.
    When everyone's happy and cheerful,
    And when you build forts, snowmen, and have snowball fights.

    Hope is in the seasons,
    When the first bird chirps,
    When the sun is bright in your eyes,
    When the leaves fall off the trees,
    And when a blanket of white covers everything.

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