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Finding Joy In The Dark Moments Of Your Life

I am a sixteen-year-old high school graduate from Virginia. I started writing poems at the age of seven, and since then have written around 5,000 pages in poems, short stories, and full-length stories. At the age of fifteen, I published my book Bravery Doesn't Come From A Copper Coin. I am currently writing my dystopian, suspense novel called The Eaters. I am a follower of Christ, and as of late, I have been enjoying writing psalms of praise and encouragement for me and others.

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Sunlight In The Darkness


Published: June 12, 2022

Endure the dark moments to appreciate the happy ones,
Appreciate the gloom to experience true happiness.
The night defines the day; the dark defines the light
Because exact opposites define each other right.
If the gleeful, charming sun constantly shone,
And the solemn, sad moon never seized its starry throne,
Then our knowledge of the moon's existence would, unfortunately, be none,
And since we wouldn't know his opposite, we wouldn't know the sun.
Happiness comes from knowing its rival,
Because then, happiness is somewhat surprising.
Depression and despair exist to make you stronger,
And when you are stronger, joy lasts a bit longer.
So take joy when you're sad,
Laugh when you're upset,
Because as life's clouds slowly drift away,
The warm, vibrant sun will shine on your day.


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