Hope Poems

Hope Poems

Uplifting Poems About Hope

Having hope propels us to achieve our dreams and drives us forward toward our pursuits. It also keeps us afloat when everything seems to go wrong, when we feel that we're drowning. Hope is the light at the end of the tunnel, the northern star by which we navigate our lives through trials and difficulties towards our dreams of a better day. When we lose hope, we are like a rudderless ship being tossed about without direction. Having and finding hope, then, is essential for keeping our dreams upright and continuing to sail in the direction of their attainment.

58 Hopeful Poems of Encouragement and Faith

  1. 1. Just Wait For The Sun

    • By Lisa Marks
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2020

    My poem is about holding on for better days and waiting for the bad times to pass. With all the sad news recently about Caroline Flack and mental health/suicide awareness being so prevalent in the news, this poem is just trying to say please don't think things will always be this bad. Please don't give up. You are not alone. It is a plea to anyone who might ever feel like there is nothing left to live for.

    Better Days Will Come

    When everything's darkness
    And you feel so alone,
    When the rain doesn't stop
    And you can't make it home,
    When it feels all is lost
    And you just want to run,
    It can't rain forever.
    Just wait for the sun.

    When family is pain,
    When friends can't be found,
    When you just want to scream
    But you can't find the sound,
    When it's all your fault,
    And you feel like you're done,
    Just wait for the sun.
    The sunshine will come.

    The storm always passes.
    It won't last forever.
    The rain always stops and gives way to good weather.
    The brightest and warmest of days still to come.
    Please wait for the sun.
    The sunshine will come.

    People who need you,
    People who still love you
    Can warm up your soul like the sunshine above you.
    You're never alone,
    No matter what's done.
    Wait for the sun.
    Just wait for the sun.

    Dark clouds always pass.
    I promise you, hun.
    We're all waiting with you.
    Just wait for the sun.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Thank you Miss Lisa Marks for sharing your beautiful poem with us. A lot of people around the globe are slipping into depression amidst the lockdown, and the ones who were suffering from it...

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  3. 2. Finding Hope

    Reviewing my life and feeling that I've wasted most of it in fear of actually living it.

    Overcoming Fear In Life

    I've always viewed life from the side lines,
    Just watching it passing me by.
    In the past, too afraid to just let go and live,
    And lately too tired to try.

    I've envied the people around me
    So invested in living each day,
    While I spent my time hiding out from the world
    And searching for ways to escape.

    For most of my life I truly believed
    I was here to help somebody else,
    But now it's so clear it was just an excuse.
    To avoid living life for myself.

    It's sad that our lives and the pain we endure
    Can weaken our strength to move on,
    But if we get lost in the scars of our past,
    Without knowing our lives will be gone.

    It's true, people are disappointing,
    They can turn in the blink of an eye,
    But we can't avoid hurting each other,
    When we all want a chance at this life.

    But there's something I've learned through the wisdom of age,
    A truth about all of our lives,
    And that is no matter what path we each take,
    In the end, we just want to survive.

    So the time has now come to conquer my fears
    And to stand up and face a new day.
    Let the hurts of my past wash away with my tears
    And stop letting my life slip away.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I had been in the game of life, but too many times it has passed me by. With the few years I have left, I want to watch...watch my grandkids grow, watch the clouds go by, and watch my love grow.

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  5. 3. In Good Time...

    Sometimes it seems life is all about biding time. Patience is seldom easy, but it is always rewarding.

    A Poem About Waiting Well

    Life can seem an endless maze,
    The twists and turns, lulls and delays,
    But things always fall into place...
    In good time.

    Friends will sometimes go away.
    Some may disappoint or others betray,
    But new ones will come to stay...
    In good time.

    The hurt of getting something wrong,
    And the lesson it often brings along
    Are there, you see, to make you strong...
    In good time.

    Kindness freely given away,
    Unnoticed now, will somehow find its way
    Back to you and come to stay...
    In good time.

    Efforts seem not to pay to plan?
    Forge on friend, doing the best you can.
    Fortune will find the deserving man...
    In good time.

    Life can be tough, there's no doubt,
    But hope is the thing we can't do without.
    Right things with joy will come about...
    In good time.

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  6. 4. In Spite Of War

    Angela Morgan lived during both of the World Wars. In this poem, Morgan shares that despite a devastating war raging on, everything in nature continued as if nothing was happening. The same can be true about our lives. Life continues even when terrible things happen, so this poem encourages us to look at the beauty around us rather than focus on the negative aspects of our lives.

    In spite of war, in spite of death,
    In spite of all man's sufferings,
    Something within me laughs and sings
    And I must praise with all my breath.
    In spite of war, in spite of hate
    Lilacs are blooming at my gate,
    Tulips are tripping down the path
    In spite of war, in spite of wrath.
    "Courage!" the morning-glory saith;
    "Rejoice!" the daisy murmureth,
    And just to live is so divine
    When pansies lift their eyes to mine.

    The clouds are romping with the sea,
    And flashing waves call back to me
    That naught is real but what is fair,
    That everywhere and everywhere
    A glory liveth through despair.
    Though guns may roar and cannon boom,
    Roses are born and gardens bloom;
    My spirit still may light its flame
    At that same torch whence poppies came.
    Where morning's altar whitely burns
    Lilies may lift their silver urns
    In spite of war, in spite of shame.

    And in my ear a whispering breath,
    "Wake from the nightmare! Look and see
    That life is naught but ecstasy
    In spite of war, in spite of death!"

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    Latest Shared Story

    This is some extraordinary literature I'm going to have to read to my grandchildren. Thank you for producing this beautiful work of art that I can share with the future generation.

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  7. 5. Now You've Recovered

    • By Charles A Cino
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2016

    I have written a poem about recovery from mental illness. It touches upon the fact that someone who has recovered is now living a brand new life, and they must answer the question, "Now that you've recovered, what will you do?"

    Inspiring Poem On Starting Life After Mental Illness

    When you recover, what will you do?
    When you recover, will you still be you?
    Will you be stronger, will you be new,
    When you recover from what you've been through?

    Can life get better than it was before?
    Will you realize your dreams and improve your score?
    Will people still remember your name,
    Or will they forget you because they're ashamed?

    Life in recovery may not be the same.
    The rules may have changed in this brand new game.
    You can pick up the pieces and make a new start,
    And courage and hope keep you from falling apart.

    The world all around you seems different and changed.
    Things that once were now seem out of range,
    But you can recapture your life and fulfill
    The dreams that were lost when you took ill.

    The journey to wellness takes time and is long,
    And those that get well are exceptionally strong.
    For depression can kill, but you have survived.
    Your goal to recover has kept you alive.

    Now you're recovered, what will you do?
    You suffered and conquered and saw it through.
    Back from the black and abyss of despair,
    It is time to move on; it is time to care.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I've been to hell and back, as a survivor of CSA. Your poem inspired me in such a deep way; the healing process strips us of our former identities and we stand empty and alone, trying to...

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  8. 6. My Life

    • By Lil Mafia
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2010

    This is a poem I wrote when I was thinking about my life.

    The things I've seen will scar me for life.
    Growing up, I've seen wrong and very little of right.
    I hear a sad song, and tears roll down my face.
    I look in the mirror and feel so out of place.
    I don't want to become something larger than life.
    I want to become something real and so right.
    Do they understand am I understood?
    Can life be better? I wish that it could.
    Before I make a decision, I always think twice;
    they say what can I do to help you feel better.
    I say nothing because this is my life.

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    My life is like a flower. It started as a seed that was planted in someone's backyard. Every day this flower looked for sun and water as the roots started to sprout. The flower started to...

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  9. 7. Despite The Storms

    Finding Joy Once More

    Despite the storms,
    beauty arrives like
    it was always going to.
    Despite the darkness,
    the light returns.
    Despite your loss,
    your heart will be
    full again.
    Despite the breaking,
    your heart will feel
    like it belongs in the
    land of joy once more.
    This is how it will
    always be. Keep living.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Part of the last line says, "Keep living." I'm saying keep writing. I like your style and sensitivity. Excellent flow and structure. I really enjoyed it.

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  10. 8. Caged Bird

    Caged Bird By Maya Angelou was first published in her book, "Shaker, Why Don't You Sing?" in 1983. The poem is a Metaphor illustrating the differences between African-Americans and Whites during the civil rights era. The author, a black woman who grew up in the South during this era, is expressing her feelings at the discrimination she faced during her life. Her first autobiography published in 1970 is titled, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"

    The free bird leaps
    on the back of the wind
    and floats downstream
    till the current ends
    and dips his wings
    in the orange sun rays
    and dares to claim the sky.

    But a bird that stalks
    down his narrow cage
    can seldom see through
    his bars of rage
    his wings are clipped and
    his feet are tied
    so he opens his throat to sing.

    The caged bird sings
    with fearful trill
    of the things unknown
    but longed for still
    and his tune is heard
    on the distant hill for the caged bird
    sings of freedom

    The free bird thinks of another breeze
    and the trade winds soft through the sighing trees
    and the fat worms waiting on a dawn-bright lawn
    and he names the sky his own.

    But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams
    his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream
    his wings are clipped and his feet are tied
    so he opens his throat to sing

    The caged bird sings
    with a fearful trill
    of things unknown
    but longed for still
    and his tune is heard
    on the distant hill
    for the caged bird
    sings of freedom.

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    I remember this poem from my guided reading class in 5th grade. I remember it well. This poem really touched me, and reading it again just made my day. This poem, I remember it being about...

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  11. 9. Perfect

    • By Shianne
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2017

    I wrote this poem about trying to change. I spent so long being angry at everyone, and I'm trying to change now.

    Poem About Trying To Change And Be Happy

    My heart flows through this icy land.
    Come and take my lonely hand.
    Show me how to make things right.
    Cry these tears no more tonight.

    Sing this sorrowful song into the air.
    Try to live without a care.
    Look up at the stars in the sky.
    Dry those tears from your eye.

    Lift your head, bring your smiles back.
    Paint your world with color instead of black.
    Undo your lies, make them true.
    Don't let your anger take over you.

    Open your eyes, what do you see?
    There's so many things that you could be
    If instead of thinking, you actually tried
    And forgot about the tears you cried.

    You could be living in a world of hope
    And letting go, learning how to cope.
    With everything life throws your way
    And living your fullest every day.

    You can force the shadows back to the dark.
    Leave without a single scratch or mark.
    You can learn to live without your pain,
    Without putting yourself through this strain.

    You can learn all this if you only realize
    It only matters what perfect is in your eyes.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I'm glad that my poem made you want to try and want to make things better in your life. I understand exactly what you are going through. I went through something similar, and I know my heart...

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  12. 10. Look For The Blossom

    • By Jessica Bryan
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2020

    Struggling during the current Coronavirus pandemic, I wanted to write something that urged me to keep positive. It is important for me/us to remember the world keeps moving, I hope it can help others.

    Positivity During Covid-19 Pandemic

    The blossom will always grow.
    The seasons will always change.
    People come and go,
    Their shadows comforting and strange.

    The flowers will always bloom
    Once the darkness subsides.
    When every corner is filled with gloom,
    Remember the sun just hides.

    Brighter days will follow.
    Earth will keep moving.
    Look for the brighter color.
    Help lift the darkness looming.

    Breathe in the air around us.
    Close your eyes for a minute's rest.
    Live life for those who guided us,
    For this moment is just a test.

    You will get stronger.
    Days will get longer.
    Hope will flourish,
    Memories to cherish.

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  13. 11. Hope Is The Thing With Feathers

    Emily Dickinson, born in 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts, is the author of almost 2,000 poems. Only after she died in 1886 were her poems discovered. In this metaphorical poem the bird is a symbol for hope. Hope Is The Thing With Feathers is written in quatrains and uses an ABCB rhyme scheme

    "Hope" is the thing with feathers -
    That perches in the soul -
    And sings the tune without the words -
    And never stops - at all -

    And sweetest - in the Gale - is heard -
    And sore must be the storm -
    That could abash the little Bird
    That kept so many warm -

    I've heard it in the chillest land -
    And on the strangest Sea -
    Yet - never - in Extremity,
    It asked a crumb - of me.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I recited this poem in grade six and it has been an inspiration for me ever since. Wonderful work!

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  14. 12. Life Is Fine

    In this poem, the speaker is considering giving up on life, but he can’t go through with it. He finds that since he hasn’t died, he has something to live for. This poem has a strong sense of structure. It’s made up of single lines and quatrains with the ABCB rhyme scheme.

    I went down to the river,
    I set down on the bank.
    I tried to think but couldn't,
    So I jumped in and sank.

    I came up once and hollered!
    I came up twice and cried!
    If that water hadn't a-been so cold
    I might've sunk and died.

    But it was Cold in that water! It was cold!

    I took the elevator
    Sixteen floors above the ground.
    I thought about my baby
    And thought I would jump down.

    I stood there and I hollered!
    I stood there and I cried!
    If it hadn't a-been so high
    I might've jumped and died.

    But it was High up there! It was high!

    So since I'm still here livin',
    I guess I will live on.
    I could've died for love—
    But for livin' I was born

    Though you may hear me holler,
    And you may see me cry—
    I'll be dogged, sweet baby,
    If you gonna see me die.

    Life is fine! Fine as wine! Life is fine!

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    Everyone is born for a purpose, but we forget that in pursuit of money. Then God gifted me with poetry and uses it as a medium to educate people, and in each of my poems there is a story...

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  15. 13. Mt. Take Heart

    • By Sadwick
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2016

    We have all been through tough times: break-ups, fights, deaths, etc. It hurts too bad or it envelopes the mind... but take heart and hope for better days. Your mountain of inflictions will soon pass.

    Life Has Hope Even When We Are Broken

    Often we can't see
    The beauty in the pain.
    Often we can't see
    The treasure we gain.

    Often we can't see
    Pain has an ending.
    Often others can't see
    Our hearts are breaking.

    Often we just see
    The mountain of blame.
    Often it's a journey
    Full of lies and shame.

    Take heart, dear little one.
    The scars will heal in time.
    I know it weighs a ton,
    But you'll be fine.

    Listen, my love.
    The mountain is strenuous.
    There comes hope from above;
    Take heart and be courageous.

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    This poem has really taught me how to value the thing we have and the people around us. We never know what we have got until it's all gone, so be wary that you don't lose the moon while...

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  16. 14. As Is Life

    • By Albi Demeza
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2015

    This poem was written in 2003 during a sad and stressful time in my life. I am sure many others from all walks of life can relate to the sentiments.

    Poem About Our Memories

    It's strange the things you remember
    And the things you seem to forget.
    It's a jamboree of all sorts,
    A patchwork of joys and regrets.

    You remember the days when you mess up,
    The days when sadness brings tears,
    But you forget all those small happy moments
    When it's laughter that brings you to tears.

    If only we could be happy forever,
    To look forward, not think of the past,
    Our lives would be full of elation,
    With sadness a ghost of the past.

    More On This Poem

  17. 15. A Journey To A New Year

    • By Sumira R. Arain
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2016

    My poem is about the beginning of New Year’s Day…what we celebrate and the start of a new journey to lead a successful life. Forget your mistakes and lead a new life with hope and courage.

    Poem About A Successful Year Ahead

    First day of the New Year.
    It's time to shine for a new day.
    Forget your past,
    Your sorrow, your pain.
    New ideas are waiting ahead.
    It's time to recall all your memories,
    Beautiful dreams that remain uncovered,
    Painful parts of life when your heart gets crushed.
    But don't be afraid.
    The future is in your hand.
    Hold it in your hand.
    Start your race,
    A new journey,
    That leads you to success.
    You will rise again
    You will shine again.
    Happy New Year!

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    Latest Shared Story

    I printed this poem to read to my mother who is in the hospital. She has been there for two weeks, missed Christmas and will also miss New Years. I am not sure what the future holds, but we...

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  18. 16. Endure Like A Tree

    • By Alicia Quetzalcoatl
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2015

    I love my niece very much, but sadly, my sister took her to live far away. My heart breaks when I talk to her on the phone because she is going through a tough time, and I can't comfort her. I wrote this poem for her on her 10th birthday.

    Poem About Enduring The Hardships You Face In Life

    To get through life you have to endure as a tree does.
    When Mother Nature tries to bring you down,
    You will never fall; you will stand your ground.
    You will encounter burning flames.
    Yes, it will be painful and hard,
    But once it's over and done with,
    Your bark will grow back stronger than ever.
    When your leaves start to slowly leave,
    Never fret, there will be more to take their place.
    They'll come and go throughout your life,
    That's just how it is.
    From the time you're a seedling to the time you're mature,
    Your roots will always be there to support you.
    After many years,
    After enduring forest fires and changing leaves,
    Your own saplings will fall away to start anew.
    Then you'll know not to worry,
    They'll grow into tall, strong trees,
    Just like those before you.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Hello I am Salih Abass. I lost my father while I was very young, and I was taken away from my mother to my grandmother even before I was two years. She took me to school. I lost my grandmom...

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  19. 17. God Will Make A Way

    Written on June 22, 2008, this poem was a result of what was happening all around me. Almost as if overnight one could see how people's lives have changed and started to fall apart. Things were really starting to look bleak and dismal, driving me to my knees in search of God's help.

    Society seems in a mess.
    Mothers cry, while fathers stress.
    To be polite is a disgrace
    as children mock you to your face

    Every day the papers show
    that crime and rape did upward go.
    The things done in laboratories
    are stashed away in lavatories.

    Drugs and sex aren't hard to find.
    It seems as if the world's gone blind,
    for what the people fail to see
    is messing up society.

    As dads no longer head their home
    and kids all sit and chat by phone.
    What once to all has been a home
    is looking like a war-torn zone.

    No longer do you find that kids
    are playing in the park,
    for it's become a hideout place
    for gangsters after dark.

    What once was right now seems so wrong.
    No more joy and no more song,
    as what this all was meant to be
    lies buried in a cemetery.

    By telling you these things my aim
    is not to make you mad.
    It's just to tell another truth,
    which soon will make you glad.

    Amidst the chaos of this world,
    of hurt, despair, and pain
    and hate along with treachery
    all done for selfish gain.

    There's this one thing I know of,
    believe with all my heart,
    that when I bend my knees to pray
    my God will make a way.

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    Latest Shared Story

    This is a very inspirational poem. May the poet live long to inspire more souls. It has uplifted my spirit and renewed my hope.

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  20. 18. If Only

    • By Petra Sheane
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2015

    Every night I dream of how the world could be a better place. I long for the simplest of changes, simple acts of kindness, love, truth, and simple whispers of hope in the night sky. When I see these dreams each night as I pray, the only words that come to my mind are, "If only..."

    Poem About Hope For The World

    If Only...
    A prayer was held in our nation,
    Beauty was seen in more ways than one,
    Children who are lost could find their salvation,
    Death was slain and torture was done.

    If Only...
    Earth was awakened after years of endurance,
    Forgotten feelings were rekindled anew,
    God was man's only path and assurance,
    Hope was the foundation of the world we knew.

    If Only...
    I knew more stories than those that were told,
    Joy was a plague, and peace a disease,
    Knowledge was worth more than silver and gold,
    Love was sacred and endless as the seas.

    If Only...
    Miracles were seen more than daylight,
    Never was replaced with forever,
    Our eyes could see through the dark of the night,
    Passion lived in us more than ever.

    If Only...
    Questions were answered, and answers were questioned,
    Roses were pure and without thorns,
    Sadness received only love and affection,
    The empty knew why it was they were born.

    If Only...
    Us as a nation would join hands in song,
    Victory was a gift to the humble,
    When tears were shed, the earth felt strong,
    Exalted men would fall and crumble.

    If Only...
    You and I would last forever.

    If Only...

    More On This Poem

    Latest Shared Story

    Give quality time to your loved ones. Otherwise, you will lose them gradually.
    Relationships are very beautiful, especially those always giving unconditional love.

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  21. 19. My Friend Hope

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is going through difficult times. The only thing we have right now is Hope for a better tomorrow.

    Hope Is The Only Thing We Have Right Now

    I have an invisible friend
    Who guides me through dark and pain.
    She always tells me not to give up
    As she believes my efforts will never go in vain.

    When the paths are not clear
    And I am surrounded by fear,
    She holds my trembling hands and says,
    "Oh dear, don't you worry, good days are near!"

    So one day I finally asked her,
    "How can be you so optimistic about everything?"
    Smiling at my naive face she said,
    "Just like after gloomy night comes bright day,
    Just like after every storm comes the calm,
    Through ups and downs, life always goes on."

    She made me believe in miracles,
    Gave strength to my wings.
    No matters how impossible they may seem,
    I can now fly high and achieve my dream.

    She is the reason I always smile.
    I never give up, I never blame
    Because I have an invisible friend,
    And Hope is her name!

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    Latest Shared Story

    This poem is very well executed. I love how you gave hope human characteristics. This isn't typically my genre, so I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading it, and it made me...

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  22. 20. The Feeling Of Happy

    • By Tekayla Smith
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2011

    I wrote this poem when I was really sad. I watched the water and listened to the nice calm water. It made me relax and I became happy.

    I look at the smooth and slow flowing water. I wonder what it would be like to move forward and never look back. Or never stay or be in the same place twice.

    I can stand there for hours just to watch the water and to hear the water.
    I see my reflection.
    As I watch my reflection in the water I see my sad expression and wonder if the water can see me.

    I run my fingers through the water.
    I see many ripples appear as if the water is flinching from the pain I'm causing it.
    I wonder if the water can feel me.........feel my pain.

    I wish I could float on the water and let it carry me anywhere and everywhere it goes.

    I step into the water. I feel the coolness of the water and I start to shiver.
    I feel my body relaxing,
    I feel my heart go from racing to freefalling.
    I concentrate on the sunny and blue sky.
    I start to float.
    I feel the water pass by me
    I realize that nothing in the world can take away this feeling..........The feeling of me happy.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Now l know that nature can make me relax when I am sad.

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