Hope Poem

Hope Is The Only Thing We Have Right Now

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is going through difficult times. The only thing we have right now is Hope for a better tomorrow.

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My Friend Hope


Published: May 15, 2020

I have an invisible friend
Who guides me through dark and pain.
She always tells me not to give up
As she believes my efforts will never go in vain.

When the paths are not clear
And I am surrounded by fear,
She holds my trembling hands and says,
Oh dear, don't you worry, good days are near!

So one day I finally asked her
How can be you so optimistic about everything?
Smiling at my naive face she said,
Just like after gloomy night comes bright day,
Just like after every storm comes the calm,
Through ups and downs, life always goes on.

She made me believe in miracles,
Gave strength to my wings.
No matters how impossible they may seem,
I can now fly high and achieve my dream.

She is the reason I always smile.
I never give up, I never blame
Because I have an invisible friend,
And Hope is her name!



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