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  1. 41. There's Always Hope

    baby, during the nights when the midnight sky
    falls heavily onto your bones and wraps you
    in its melancholic embrace

    keep a light alive inside of you
    I know how dark the darkness can get
    how tempting it can be

    but please remember
    you can be your own guiding light
    you have the ability to shine despite it all
    hope is always with you

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  2. 42. Hope Behind The Shadows Of Pain

    Some people hurt us in many ways. They leave us alone to suffer from a miserable life. But no matter what pain we are in, we still have faith, and we hope that our lives will be lightened in a way that we'll be free from the shadows of loneliness and pain. Yes, there is always hope for every darkness in our lives. We just need to have hope and believe we can be free from such pain.

    Encouraging Poem For A Lonely Heart

    In some people's pretty eyes
    There's a great painful disguise,
    Disguise that dressed their lonely heart
    With devastating cuts that ever hurt.

    Their smiles turned into sobs.
    Their laughter turned into screams.
    Their days turned into nights,
    And their joys turned into sorrows.

    But no matter what caused their pains,
    They move forward as they wipe their tears,
    For in every beat of a lonely heart
    There is hope that lights the path.

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  3. 43. Stand Up

    Life can be so tough and you just have to be strong and believe in yourself.

    Getting Up From Failures

    In every walk you take
    There will always be a bad day.
    When tears kept flowing
    From failures and disappointments,
    From sufferings and broken heart,
    It's okay; no worries.
    Everyone finds it tough.
    Even if living is hard,
    You'll survive and you'll remember
    How you've fought and not how it hurts.
    Breathe in the laughter and cherish the tears,
    For tomorrow may be the best day,
    And today is only the beginning.
    Just hang on and keep going.
    Cry if you must, and whine you can't,
    For every master is once a disaster,
    So don't give up.
    Be brave and believe,
    For you are strong and you will fight.
    Be the champion of yourself,
    For you deserve nothing but the best.
    Start living today and leave the past behind.
    Say goodbye to sorrowful tears.
    Keep going without hesitation.
    You'll pull it off, just wait and see.
    One more time, one more try.
    You'll see the light.
    Wake up, stand up, and live life!

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  4. 44. A Helping Musical

    • By Sadwick
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2020

    The idea behind this poem is music can remind us to give and be creative. Being slightly a composer of music, you pour your heart, effort, and time into your music. It's not the finishing touch of the last note nor the iTunes popularity that is rewarding. What is rewarding is that music is a gift that helps others through hard times. It's been there since the dark ages.

    The Magic Of Music

    A blank parchment is lifeless
    Until a pen creates a melody.
    A song is revered ageless
    Because of a sweet harmony.

    Musicians are the key to living
    Because they understand truth.
    It's not about taking but giving
    That makes us feel our youth.

    Take the sound of music,
    And change it into a life goal.
    Maybe you'll see the magic
    When you touch a child's soul.

    Music is the secret mystery
    That unlocks something within.
    No matter where in history,
    Music is where it begins.

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    Music is my channel broadcasting the emotions of love, pain and happiness with a rythm... The harmony of the notes, and rythm explains it all...it can be with unheard words, from an...

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  5. 45. Love

    A message of hope and inspiration for the sometimes long journey to finding true love.

    Hope And Faith In Finding True Love

    If you love somebody with your heart, soul, and mind,
    Every road to adventure is one of a kind.
    Though the road may be rugged and your spirits are high,
    Still the sun seems to shine on the loved ones going by.

    You hold his hand and he squeezes it tight,
    And your heart pounds with your eyes gleaming bright.
    And those wonderful emotions you're feeling this time
    and the stronger you feel, the harder you climb.

    You need to travel on this long winding road,
    Feeling your heart is about to explode,
    So you try your best and push yourself more.
    This new love you have found has lots to explore.

    You thread this road with enthusiasm and glide
    To win the love of the man by your side,
    But don't you falter or go astray.
    This man may love you by the end of your day...

    Maybe this is a hope, a dream to reshape,
    To fulfill your lonely life you want to escape,
    But whatever the reason, you must walk head held high.
    Don't lose faith; this is worth a try.

    Do not lose sight of how love can grow.
    When and where...guess...nobody knows,
    So keep your head high, never doubt, but believe.
    It does not hurt to wear your heart on your sleeve.

    So don't lose ground and be as you are.
    No doubt you will find your lucky star.
    May take awhile like all things do,
    But I'm sure love is waiting on this long road for you.

    Hope And Faith In Finding True Love, Love

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  6. 46. Stay Alive

    My Name is Leah. I write poems about the emotions I see on your face that no one else can. I'm here for you through my writing. My poetry style is inspired by TwentyOnePilots' amazing lyrical talents. This poem is about a girl lost in society's judgmental views. Her friend sees this and pleads with her to let her help her. In the end her friend introduces her to the Skeleton Clique, a place where she found that her insecurities will never define her, only make her stronger.

    Poem About The Real You

    When I look at you,
    What I see
    Is a girl who's scared
    Just to be

    Why is different
    So foreign to you?

    I've watched you struggle,
    Seen you cry,
    Stared at your face,
    Hope no longer in your eye.

    I'm trying to help.
    Just let me in.
    This kind of fight
    You cannot win.

    At least
    Not alone.
    Take my hand,
    And we'll go home.

    Don't let them say
    What they say.
    You're stronger than that,
    At least I know, anyway.

    It's going to be hard.
    Just don't give up.
    I've seen miracles
    Very close up.

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    The look in her eyes,
    Depicts courage
    Despite the uncertainty
    In the once blue sky.

    Days turn to night,
    And Greenland turns
    To desert.

    I have seen kings fallen
    And mighty...

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  7. 47. My Life

    • By Lil Mafia
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2010

    This is a poem I wrote when I was thinking about my life.

    The things I've seen will scar me for life.
    Growing up, I've seen wrong and very little of right.
    I hear a sad song, and tears roll down my face.
    I look in the mirror and feel so out of place.
    I don't want to become something larger than life.
    I want to become something real and so right.
    Do they understand am I understood?
    Can life be better? I wish that it could.
    Before I make a decision, I always think twice;
    they say what can I do to help you feel better.
    I say nothing because this is my life.

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    My life is like a flower. It started as a seed that was planted in someone's backyard. Every day this flower looked for sun and water as the roots started to sprout. The flower started to...

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  8. 48. A Soldier Of Life

    • By Dylan Simpson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2016

    This poem holds great significance to me. It somewhat explains the battle of an "uneasy life" and the war between my thoughts and my emotions. It summarizes something I feel that I face every day and the determination to achieve happiness. If others can find it relatable and somewhat comforting to know that they're not alone, then I have achieved what I set out to do. If reading this poem, I'd appreciate your time and any given feedback. Thank you.

    Our Courage, Struggles, And Determination

    Wounded and broken,
    But still we stand tall.
    No challenge too over-bearing,
    And no fear too consuming.

    For each day is a battle,
    One we do not always win,
    But our persistence is our courage.
    We fight with all that we have,
    And sometimes that is not enough,
    Yet still we continue in a battle
    With victory seeming impossible.

    Our determination and dreams of happiness
    Are not only our guidance,
    But also a dagger in our back,
    For it is the euphoric joy and brightness
    That we battle for.

    With each passing loss,
    The prospects of happiness begin to grow dim.
    Again we continue to fight,
    Disregarding the wounds of our previous battles,
    Ignoring what may seem inevitable.

    For every once in a while we stand,
    Our heads held high, victorious at last.
    It is now that we find the will-power to keep fighting,
    To continue in this never ending war.

    But for that brief moment of victory,
    We embrace the beauty that is life and all it has to offer.

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    Life is a struggle and we have to face it. Day in and day out. Sometimes victory and sometimes failures. The strong and bold overcome any situation and one has to, as long as he is alive....

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  9. 49. Lost In The Past

    • By Jodi
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014

    I was abused as a child, and now as an adult I still struggle with the hurt and never getting an acknowledgment from my abuser. My past keeps me in bondage, and it's up to me to release the hurt and be able to move on.

    Poem About The Pain From Child Abuse

    Searching for something that may never be known,
    mental disturbance turns a heart back to stone.

    Create memories alone in your head,
    holding you hostage as you lie in your bed.

    Fits of despair have blinded your sight,
    awaken to find you are losing the fight.

    Rays of sunlight lead the way,
    hurts from the past only keep you away.

    Deception has caused your faith to stray,
    simple gestures are life's way to say...

    Release the burden that's wanted your stay,
    crumble your thoughts and throw them away.

    Discover a strength to start a new page,
    no longer alone slipped from the cage.

    Bruised and broken, you now can see
    a glimpse of hope that may set your free.

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    As a child, I was very abused by the man I always THOUGHT was my dad. He did things to me as a child, like put guns to my head, knives to my throat, kicked me, stomped on me, and even hit me...

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  10. 50. Behind Closed Doors

    • By Stephanie Filer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2007

    This poem shows a huge hardship a child my age should never go through.

    Poem About Finding Hope In Darkness

    Behind your closed door you lay,
    Your emotions locked up inside of you.
    No one seems to understand the problem at bay.
    You fight like a raging bull to stay sane,
    But you get pulled down by the gray shadow of fear.
    You cry out loud as you feel the stinging pain
    Running through your cold shallow veins.
    You clench your pale hand around a picture,
    The only thing you have left to remind you of the friendship you once had.
    Your tears run down your sickened face
    As they splash on the bodies of the beloved.
    You wonder if you will ever escape this place
    To join a new fate.

    Then one day behind that closed door,
    A hand reaches to you for comfort.
    It rests on your shoulder,
    To help you remove fear's boulder.
    That hand gave you light in your sea of darkness.
    You realize that life must go on,
    And that there are others who care deeply about you.
    You place that tear soaked picture in a small box,
    To say your final goodbye to your oldest friend.
    As you open that closed door.

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  11. 51. Hope Is Always There

    • By Joanna
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2012

    There's always a moment in our lives, when nothing seems right, and everything's wrong, and we think we've lost hope. God knows I've had those moments, and it seems that it will never be alright again.
    But believe it or not, there's always hope, even if it's just a little flicker. Hold onto that flicker of hope.

    In a sea of darkness
    Searching for the light
    But those who you once loved
    Have left you to deal; alone
    Ask for help, no one will come
    But most of all, don't you lost hope
    Hope is always there
    Even in the roughest moments
    Hope, I need you
    Hope, I want you
    You need something to hold onto
    Hope is gone...
    Is it really gone?
    The demon inside you, grows stronger every day
    We all have our demons
    Everybody suffers
    Everybody deals
    Everybody copes
    Everybody breaks
    Everybody hopes
    Everybody cries
    Don't you cry
    There's always hope
    Angels, where have you gone?
    Do not leave me here, alone
    "I need help"
    Hearts breaks
    Souls dies
    Hearts shatters
    I will not be silenced
    Hope always remains
    Brother, I need you now
    The war's not over yet
    Hold onto me, we still have time
    Because hope's always there
    Even in the darkest times
    I fall into your sunlight

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    I believe there is a path and a purpose for all of us. The first step is asking this with all your heart. In your path you may encounter difficulties and feel alone or in pain, but Angels,...

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  12. 52. We Wish Through Words

    • By Lena Gil
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2019

    All the poems written come from deep emotions within us, through the things we go through in our lives. So each beautiful artistic creation has a price (of life) paid by its creator. Poetry is indeed a hope that keeps us going in difficult times.

    Hope Acrostic Poem About Poetry

    H is for Having it as a relief after a bad day.
    O is for Order it keeps in you in life's way.
    P is the Price for it that the artists pay.
    E is the Emotions that has all their say.

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  13. 53. What Is This Feeling?

    I wrote this poem in the midst of battling depression. It was a day that I was feeling hopeful, like I was going to be all right. This poem is a symbol of hope, light, and love!

    Rediscovering Hope And Light In Times Of Darkness

    This feeling is foreign and unique.
    What is this? What could it be?
    It's my soul making peace.
    It's my mind setting me free.
    It's my gift making room for me.
    It's darkness releasing its grip on my reality.

    This feeling is foreign and unique.
    What is this? What could it be?
    It's my heart accepting love.
    It's my reflection radiating from above.
    It's my smile growing wide.
    It's my light no longer willing to hide.

    This feeling is foreign and unique.
    What is this? What could it be?
    It's joy sweeping over my soul.
    It's love making me whole.
    It's peace settling in my heart.
    It's light radiating in the dark.

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  14. 54. Healing

    This is a short acrostic poem about how writing poems helps me.

    Healing Acrostic Poem

    Having someone to help you is great,
    Especially when they're always there.
    A poem can be a good mate -
    Lift you up when you can't bear.
    It can help you through the pain,
    Never to leave you standing alone,
    Guiding and healing till you rise again.

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  15. 55. Hopeful Future

    • By Morgan Deuson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2008

    I was in the midst of an awful family misshap, and poetry helped me to express myself. It was not untill after I wrote this that I actually understood how I felt.

    Encouraging Someone To Have Hope

    It is okay
    To feel sorrow,

    To mourn
    When good times
    Are in the past

    And trials
    Have come to present.

    To the future
    With hope,

    For without hope...
    There is no true life.

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  16. 56. Tiny Shred Of Love

    • By Swetha Baskaran
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2013

    This poem is about my struggle with depression and a hope that I will be able to leave all the grief behind and find happiness in the days to come.

    Floating, heart askew
    In the dark, deep tunnel of nothing
    Claw with every cell of me
    Reach out for anger, greed, sorrow
    Not the alone, gray, empty
    Tiny shred of light
    I wait for, hope for
    A delusion there to help
    Hold my hand tighter
    Around the severing rope
    My only tie to the world
    A better life, twinkle dust
    Of joy, love, a home
    No more tears, aching soul
    For a touch to hold on
    Until then hope for, wait for
    The tiny shred of love.

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  17. 57. The Feeling Of Happy

    • By Tekayla Smith
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2011

    I wrote this poem when I was really sad. I watched the water and listened to the nice calm water. It made me relax and I became happy.

    I look at the smooth and slow flowing water. I wonder what it would be like to move forward and never look back. Or never stay or be in the same place twice.

    I can stand there for hours just to watch the water and to hear the water.
    I see my reflection.
    As I watch my reflection in the water I see my sad expression and wonder if the water can see me.

    I run my fingers through the water.
    I see many ripples appear as if the water is flinching from the pain I'm causing it.
    I wonder if the water can feel me.........feel my pain.

    I wish I could float on the water and let it carry me anywhere and everywhere it goes.

    I step into the water. I feel the coolness of the water and I start to shiver.
    I feel my body relaxing,
    I feel my heart go from racing to freefalling.
    I concentrate on the sunny and blue sky.
    I start to float.
    I feel the water pass by me
    I realize that nothing in the world can take away this feeling..........The feeling of me happy.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Now l know that nature can make me relax when I am sad.

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  18. 58. The Wind

    • By Alissa Sanders
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011

    It's about the attack that writer's block has on author's brains. I know I've suffered through it as well as many others. In fact, I'm suffering through it right now.

    Writer's Block

    My thoughts lay printed on sheets of paper,
    Stored in the drawer of my mind.
    They are organized, neat,
    Nothing out of place.

    They can't be touched by outside strangers,
    Filled with dangers and cruel intentions.
    I'm the only one with the key,
    To this infinite drawer with ideas.

    But sometimes a foreign gust of wind comes,
    It rattles and shakes the knob to this drawer.
    Each day getting stronger and stronger,
    Closer and closer to freeing those papers.

    The enemy, the wind is a master of uncovering.
    Of daintily plucking out my papers
    Like dandelions on a vast field,
    To blow and disperse the seeds to unknown areas.

    It does it so discreetly, that I don't realize its actions
    Until that very last moment
    When the wind turns into a hurricane
    And the drawer is finally broken into.

    My papers fly out to this hurricane.
    Crinkling, tossing, turning.
    A complete mess of black and white figures,
    Soaring at high speeds in the whirlwind.

    I'm stuck in the eye of the hurricane.
    Huffing and puffing, jumping and reaching,
    To retrieve my sacred papers.
    Although I know it's impossible.

    I must wait for it to move on,
    And pick up each paper, piece by piece.
    Eventually I'll find most of my thoughts,
    To put back in the drawer, for the wind to come again.

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