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  1. Fringed Lily

    • By Talia Baken
    • Published: July 2016
    Wanting To Be Understood And Appreciated

    I gracefully bloom in July,
    Clothed in a delicate silk,
    Fringed with a delicate lace,
    Sprinkled with the color of milk.

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    This is a very beautiful poem. The inspiring topic and the perfect rhyme add charm to the poem. I can picture the lily standing in the field, a glimmer of beauty in its entire surroundings,...

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  3. Love

    Hope And Faith In Finding True Love


    If you love somebody with your heart, soul, and mind,
    Every road to adventure is one of a kind.
    Though the road may be rugged and your spirits are high,
    Still the sun seems to shine on the loved ones going by.

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  4. Lost In The Past

    Poem About The Pain From Child Abuse

    Searching for something that may never be known,
    mental disturbance turns a heart back to stone.

    Create memories alone in your head,

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    As a child, I was very abused by the man I always THOUGHT was my dad. He did things to me as a child, like put guns to my head, knives to my throat, kicked me, stomped on me, and even hit me...

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  6. My Life

    • By Lil Mafia
    • Published: December 2010

    The things I've seen will scar me for life.
    Growing up, I've seen wrong and very little of right.
    I hear a sad song, and tears roll down my face.
    I look in the mirror and feel so out of place.

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    My life is like a flower. It started as a seed that was planted in someone's backyard. Every day this flower looked for sun and water as the roots started to sprout. The flower started to...

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  7. Tiny Shred Of Love

    • By Swetha Baskaran
    • Published: February 2013

    Floating, heart askew
    In the dark, deep tunnel of nothing
    Claw with every cell of me
    Reach out for anger, greed, sorrow

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  8. Stay Alive

    Poem About The Real You

    When I look at you,
    What I see
    Is a girl who's scared
    Just to be

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    The look in her eyes,
    Depicts courage
    Despite the uncertainty
    In the once blue sky.

    Days turn to night,
    And Greenland turns
    To desert.

    I have seen kings fallen
    And mighty...

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  10. Stand Up

    Getting Up From Failures

    In every walk you take
    There will always be a bad day.
    When tears kept flowing
    From failures and disappointments,

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  11. We Wish Through Words

    • By Lena Gil
    • Published: April 11, 2019
    Hope Acrostic Poem About Poetry

    H is for Having it as a relief after a bad day.
    O is for Order it keeps in you in life's way.
    P is the Price for it that the artists pay.
    E is the Emotions that has all their say.

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  12. A Helping Musical

    The Magic Of Music

    A blank parchment is lifeless
    Until a pen creates a melody.
    A song is revered ageless
    Because of a sweet harmony.

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  13. Healing

    Healing Acrostic Poem

    Having someone to help you is great,
    Especially when they're always there.
    A poem can be a good mate -
    Lift you up when you can't bear.

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