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  1. Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

    Not Being Defined By Looks

    Do not judge me
    From the outside,
    Because all you will see
    Is my stupid pride.

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    You are a very talented writer. We can only imagine what amazing company you would be. So intelligent, interesting, and much deeper than most. Amazing work! Keep writing and never forget how...

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  3. Written Pages

    Poem About Making Good Choices

    Your story is written day by day.
    It is written with things that you do and say.

    Daily you start with a page that is blank.

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    I like poems written in simple words so that even a layman can understand. This is one such. It is nice.

  4. Seeing Ourselves Clearly

    It’s difficult to take in the entirety of something
    when you are standing inside of it.
    Valleys are best seen from peaks.
    Mountains from their bases.

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    One should always keep an open mind when viewing the world around them, and what you say in your beautiful poem is so true, and other people often can see our inner beauty before we do. That...

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  6. A Simple Plan

    A Simple Way To Live Your Life

    Simple Sam was a simple man.
    He lived each day by a simple plan.
    Enjoy your life and live while you can.
    Make each day count and take a stand.

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  7. Do Better Dare

    A Reminder On Keeping Virtues

    It's not so easy....

    Anyone can spot others' flaws.
    It's easy, like a blink of the eyes.

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  8. Only Time Will Remain

    It's unbranded and unclaimed,
    Elusive and in vain.
    It ebbs and it flows,
    Wishing away as it goes.

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    Crystal, really enjoyed the thoughtfulness of this poem. Gave me much to consider about time. Great job! Brought to mind a silly thought I once had: "Can the hands of a clock grasp the...

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  10. All About Love

    • By Sharon K. Hunter
    • Published: December 2019
    The Most Precious Thing In Life

    I love the flowers that bloom in spring,
    for all the joy and love they bring.

    I love the sun that warms the sky

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  11. In The Middle

    Reflecting On The Passage Of Time

    In the middle
    of a life that's as complicated as everyone else's,
    struggling for balance, juggling time.
    The mantle clock that was my grandfather's

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  12. The Legacy Of My Words

    The Power Of Our Words

    My words are like my heart beat.
    They tell the world that I'm alive.
    They recite the tale of who I am
    And of all I have survived.

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  13. Why

    Pondering Life

    Why do we begin if we don't plan to finish?
    Why do we love if we don't want to get hurt?
    Why do we live if someday we must die?
    Why do we smile if we really hurt inside?

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    Most of the answers to this poem in my eyes would be hope.

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