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  1. My Wooded World

    • By Sheila Visingardi
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About Escaping To The Woods

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    As a child, I would sit and ponder
    at the wooded areas, for their beauty relaxed me.
    The sway of the branches and whistling of the winds,
    as if they were calling my name.

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    It is a great poem! I translated it to Indonesia language for my homework and I got an A! Thanks for your work! Although its a bit hard to understand it in my language its perfect.

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  3. I Long For The Wild

    • By Casey Hatfield
    • Published: December 2015
    Poem About My Longing For Nature

    I long for the wild
    To feel the wind upon my skin like a thousand soft kisses,
    it's fingers through my hair like a passionate lover.
    I long for the wild

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    We owned a 3 season cottage many years ago. It sat halfway down a steep hill. Behind were the woods with hickory and oak. In front was a long grassy slope that edged the lake. Facing west as...

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  4. Oh! It Was The Wind

    • By Dhana may c. baysa
    • Published: November 2007
    A Windy Day

    I felt a strong air on my hair
    Oh! It was the wind.
    Side by side, the leaves sway and sway.
    Yesterday was a windy day!

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  6. The Outside, Wondrous World

    The Joy Of Being Outside

    The world outside is a wondrous place,
    Filled with many miracles to see.
    It's a place to hear and smell and feel.
    It's a place so unfettered and free.

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  7. The Wind's Grand Opus

    Poem About The Wind's Music

    The wind whispers to the waiting trees,
    A special summons to rouse their spirit;
    Strumming their branches with a breeze,
    And swirling the leaves to add some merit,

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    Thank you for sharing this poem with all of us. My family recently lost my father-in-law. He was battling cancer and in his last few hours, I decided to read some poems to comfort him along...

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  8. Watching The Rain

    Rain Poem

    Rain, glorious, pounding, soaking rain
    How I love to hear your song
    Drowning my world in your torrential downpour
    I sit here and contemplate your frenzy dance moves upon my window panes

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    Wonderful to find,...
    The thought below prompted me to do a search on "Beautiful poems and stories about rain".

    Rain, rain, beautiful rain. Gods nourishment to our mere existence. Yet...

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  10. Alaska

    • By Sabrina Blakley
    • Published: June 2014
    Poem About Alaska's Nature

    I always like winter best.
    Windy and rainy,
    It appears to never rest.

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  11. The Countryside

    Deep into the wood where the Bluebells grow
    Next to them the wild garlic will show
    An old oak creeks with a century of age
    With brand new shoots and the sun they crave...

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  12. Beauty Of Love

    • By Misganaw Chekole
    • Published: January 2009

    as I whisper goodbye to nature
    with this tiny bird in the palm of my hands
    beautiful golden colors start to surround me
    smelling a hint of heaven in my soul

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  13. Starry Night

    • By Joseph Letourneau
    • Published: February 2009

    Starry Night, Starry Night,
    The stars shining in the sky.
    The stars twinkling in my eye,
    Like the sun in the daytime sky,

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