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A Million Things Happening At Once

Life happens to all of us. Even though we feel like we are the only ones going through something, it's not that way, because somewhere else in this world, someone else is going through the exact same thing.

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A Moment In Time

Meghan L Wong © more by Meghan L Wong

Published by Family Friend Poems June 2019 with permission of the Author.

I watched the sun set.
I watched how,
just above the horizon,
the spectrum dimly asked for my attention.
I watched the glow of the setting sun
as it lit the clouds with its soft flame.
I watched the contrasting mellow blue sky.
I watched a cell tower
stand as a mechanical prop to the scene,
as did the cars hiding in vain
as the dusky rays glinted off their roofs.

I watched all this
as I stood in a cemetery.
I watched the world outside
as it kept functioning,
oblivious to the grief of a bereaved family.
I watched as I pondered over the fact
that nature still shone majestically
even as a soul was called to glory.

At that moment,
as the mortal remains of that person
were being lowered into her grave,
somewhere in some other part of the world,
a new life was being born.
At that moment,
as the family said their final goodbyes,
somewhere people were meeting
or falling in love
or starting a new journey together.
At that moment,
as that family wiped away their tears,
somewhere tears of a heart breaking
were being shed.

But I'd never know that
as I watched this sunset.
That was just another moment in time.
A moment in time
where a million different things
were happening all at once.

the birds flew home as cars drove by.


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