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A Reminder On Keeping Virtues

It's just something I've come to note over time and thought of putting down. Serves as a reminder for me, too. Virtues are often really tested when situations are less than perfect. It's then we need grace to remain true.

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Do Better Dare

© more by Abimbola T. Alabi

Published by Family Friend Poems June 2018 with permission of the Author.

It's not so easy....

Anyone can spot others' flaws.
It's easy, like a blink of the eyes.
Doing better is noting ours because
That's where the challenge lies.

Anyone can share what they got right,
For that will flow like a song.
To do better is to try being forthright
About the things we got wrong.

Everyone enjoys praise and acclaim;
It surely is a piece of cake.
But doing better is not shifting blame
When it's really ours to take.

Anyone can be cheerful and bright;
That's after a win of course.
To do better is to be nice and polite,
Even after suffering a loss.

While the usual is easy to find,
Noble things are sometimes hard to do.
Like being honest, humble and kind,
But are due in me and you.


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