Dark Poem

This Poem is about a girl who uses pain and darkness as a pleasure and finds herself looking for someone who was lost.

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A Night In Sorrow


Published: February 2008

I watch as the blood trickles down my arm
I close my eyes and hope for you to come.
I never knew what it was like to be alone
All I want for you to do is come back home.
I feel the pain, the burning and the pleasure
I feel so confused and so full of pressure
I sit in this dark room with no one around
All I want from you is love and care
I notice that I won't get my wish
But now I wait for the sun to rise.
To fill this room with light.
As I watch I see how many scars I have
Bleeding for desire and pain
I look in the mirror of my room and look
I watch as these tears flow endlessly and
What I realize what I was waiting for
was for me to return to normal.


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