Death Moving On Poem

I lost my son Thomas and my fiancee Michael In a house fire on June 19 2003. My daughter and I survived by jumping out of our second story windows. Michael died trying to save my son. Even now 5 years later the pain can be unbearable.

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The Darkness


Published: January 2010

Within the inky blackness that shares her heart,
her last shreds of sanity are being slowly being pulled apart

She is here but she is not real,
Only pain and suffering she can feel.

Full of sadness, lost and utterly alone,
Is this because of some sin she must now atone

Deaths long arm is something she will never fear,
Her soul is screaming, can you hear?

Although her heart walks along with the dead,
Visions of another place fill her head.

Take my hand and you will see,
This girl I speak of is truly me.

Here I sit, here I be,
Waves of sadness pouring down on me.

The heart of a child, many times stabbed,
The joys of life from me have been grabbed.

Chasing rainbows with empty pots of gold,
I so wish they were here for me to hug and hold.

Alone without them I must walk
I know they love me, but the dead can't talk.

Words of wisdom he once gave,
absorb them, keep them, try to be brave.

Tears of sadness for a love that's lost,
my heart tries to evade the inky blackness,
at all cost.

Shattered images life can be,
in this reality I'm only me


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