Regret Poem

Poem About The Pain Of Lost Love

Oh, the mistakes we make!!!

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A Prayer Unanswered

© more by Jeff Bresee

Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014 with permission of the Author.

Waking, I find
Another chill encrusted day
Awaits me
Where I shall walk alone in step of time
To the blighted rhythm
Of what must be
And the looming shadows
Of what might have been

My only solace
Comes of looking back
Upon the horizon of
Memories past
Where the fluxing tapestry
Of life and chance
Carried you soft and safe
Into my arms

And I held you
And you held me
And for a time
No wind of change
Could bear us sway

But somehow...
Some dreadful way how
My eyes left the beauty of yours
My arms reached out
For ambitions of pointless return
And in deafened silence
You slipped from me
For I held you not

And now I am left to search
Across the rolling linen waves
Of life and consequence
Holding hope that
Fate will grant me pardon
And bring you to me
Once again

But I age in waiting
I tire of hoping
I stammer in broken steps
For each night your vigil kept
Brings me aside my bed
To utter yet again
A prayer unanswered


more by Jeff Bresee

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