Falling in Love Poem

Heartbreak, Healing, And Falling In Love Again

I fell in love for the first time. I thought he was an amazing person, but he wasn't. He broke my heart and then I met my fiancé.

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A Safe Place

Evelyn M. Dutkowski © more by Evelyn M. Dutkowski

Published by Family Friend Poems August 2016 with permission of the author.

I walk hand in hand with my boyfriend, 
The leaves of the trees rustle as a breeze gently passes through.
Young children play in the sand and chase each other on the grass.
We share a kiss as we stand on the boardwalk.
I return my gaze to the clear water
And the fish swimming gracefully beneath me.
All is good and all is calm here.
The sun shines brightly,
A safe place.

I run and I run, 
My lungs burn.
I collapse on the soft cool sand, 
The water hitting my knees as a wave crashes against the shore.
The rain falls around me as I look up at the sky and cry.
My world shatters around me.
A heart-wrenching scream escapes me.
I grip the sand for dear life.
My heart had been ripped from my chest, 
My trust shattered. 
Never again will I trust.
I become tired as the last tears hit the sand.
I take a breath and look around at this place.
A safe place.

Trust slowly rebuilding with a new shoulder to lean on.
I had fallen for him, 
He had fallen for me.
We walk on ice, 
Throwing snow at each other. 
We walk onto the ice covered boardwalk.
I slip, 
He steals a kiss.
My trust is growing.
He is now my rock.
The frigid air hits my face, 
I can practically taste the winter.
We fool around, 
We laugh.
I smile and look around,
Oh so grateful for this place.
A safe place.

I sit with my dog at the waterfront, sand litters his muzzle. 
The snow and ice have finally gone, and spring is starting to show.  
The shells and rocks are scattered among the shore. 
I look out at the clear water, 
A cool breeze blows my hair in my face.
I listen to the water as it gently splashes against the shore. 
It's peaceful here. 
Even through the gentle breeze, 
The sun warms the back of my neck. 
All is good again.
All life is at its calmest in this place,
This little piece of Heaven on Earth.
A safe place.


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