Hurting Poem

Memories And A Broken Heart

Love is likened unto a raindrop. Cherish what you have and make sure it does not pass you by.

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Michael J. Malone © more by Michael J. Malone

Published by Family Friend Poems March 1, 2024 with permission of the Author.

Looking at the clouds in the sky above
I have often pondered and wondered why
Why love is like a raindrop in ways there of
Meant to stay then be released after a while

The symbolism reflected in that raindrop
Like the circumference of a tear and a sigh
It will fall from the sky and won't stop
You may even see it as it passes you by

What words would it have me to say?
What words would it have me compile?
There is nothing left I can do but pray
Pray that I can make you smile for a while

Because that raindrop still passes us by
With many tears shed and a broken heart
As it leaves and drops from the cloudy sky
Hoping happy memories will never depart

Crushing as a raindrop crashes to the ground
The puddle remains showing what is reflected
Broken hearts in pools of water now drowned
The cycle of love has now been perfected

Perfect we loved without any remorse
Feeling the pain and this sorrowful heart
For in that pain true love was endorsed
Seared into my heart even for my small part

My part I played perfectly with no regrets
But the sorrow will remain likes clouds above
Memories with each raindrop I'll never forget
It was true and you will forever be my love



Not a lot to say here. I just enjoy writing as a means to mentally unwind. I also like to read what others have written and look for the meaning behind the words. Not just the meaning, but the emotions/feelings that are being communicated through the words.

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