STOP Suicide Poem

Poem For Anyone Thinking About Taking Their Own Life

I have a close family member who has a mental illness and tried taking her life several times. This poem is dedicated to her and all those who may be considering suicide to stop their pain. It is a reminder that there are better days ahead if they can just hang on for a while longer.

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Stay On Your Road, Please


Published by Family Friend Poems December 15, 2023 with permission of the Author.

When your friends unliked you on Facebook, and they all stopped taking your calls.
Strangers give you a nasty look, and your life's full of failures and falls.
When you'd rather just stay in your bed, go to sleep and never wake up.
And you'd rather be anyone else instead of this loser you've finally become.
When it seems that you're quite invisible, and no one gives you the time of day.
You're progressively more and more miserable, and you wish you could just fade away.
When your darkness is so overpowering, and your last ray of hope's down the drain.
You've decided to end it all, and give in to the suffering and pain.
Well hold on, wait a minute! You're too young to surrender just yet.
Now listen while I explain, my friend, about a future you haven't yet met.
A future where strange things can happen. Where lightning can strike anytime.
Where sadness gives way to happiness, and your future turns bright on a dime.
In the future, you might make a friend one day.  One who's traveled the same roads as you.
That someone who likes you just as you are.  Could be the best friend that you ever knew.
In the future, you might find your soulmate.  The one who's the yang to your yin.
That person who makes your spirit soar.  Takes you places where you've never been.
Imagine yourself in the future, if you can, when you're embraced by family and friends. 
You've had a great life, but still you'll remember, these hard times when you almost gave in.
But anything can happen in the future, of course.  You'll see dark skies, like everyone does.
But for now, you've just got to hang in there, and one day you'll step back in the sun. 
So take hold of your life, find some joy, pat yourself on the back now and then.
But know that your road is a long one, so please, stay on it as long as you can.


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