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Ending Generational Trauma

Using rhythm and rhyme my poem encourages people to break the cycle with their generational trauma. I was abused, neglected, starved, mistreated, and unloved as a child. I take pride that my children have never experienced or felt what I've went through. They deserve a better life than I had, and they do because I broke the cycle, instead of repeating the same mistakes my own mother made.

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Breaking The Cycle

Tonya R. Zuber © more by Tonya R. Zuber

Published by Family Friend Poems December 1, 2023 with permission of the Author.

You're breaking the cycle
Its starts with you today
So with that power
This I want you to say

I am a cycle breaker
The trauma ends with me
I will not inflict the pain
That was once inflicted on me

Because I have the patience
And a love that is Devine
I will show my children a world
That was much different than mine

They will not grow up
In horrible disarray
Because I am a survivor
Who will pave a better way

I will live my life to fullest
I will not just survive
I will live it with such passion
That my children and I will thrive

That generational trauma
I will completely destroy
As I raise my children
In an abundance of love and joy

I will let go of the past
I will set my soul free
I will release the hurt and pain
That has had ahold on me

I will heal myself
I will be the change
A better and brighter future
I will get in exchange

I will be the difference maker
I've always needed to see
I will be the cycle breaker
It began but ends with me



Tonya Zuber was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She currently lives in Central Pa. Tonya started writing poetry as a little girl but got serious about it after the passing of her brother. Her poems are a mix of grief, loss, hope, and her battles through depression. Tonya uses her poetry as her therapy, it's her way of coping with her...

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