Addiction Poem

You Are Not Alone

I use rhythm & rhyme to encourage people to break from their addictions. I wrote this poem for my brothers, both of whom battled substance abuse. Tragically, they lost those fights.
I know it's not easy. I understand the battle and while words aren't enough, I want you to know you're not alone. You are worthy. You are strong. You can do it. I wish you the courage to fight your battles.
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Take Back Your Life

Tonya R. Zuber © more by Tonya R. Zuber

Published by Family Friend Poems January 1, 2024 with permission of the Author.

Do you know those drugs
Will never outlast
The tug of war you play
With the pain from your past

You're fighting your battles
On all the wrong levels
And doing street drugs
Won't help to beat that devil

Just because I don't do
Drugs like you do
Doesn't mean I can't understand
The struggles you go through

I don't know what it's like
To battle with addiction everyday
Or how it feels to walk around
Needing to get high all day

What I do know about
Is the Demons you fight
Battling your own self
In your head all night

I know exactly what it's like
To be trapped In your own mind
Stumbling, falling
Running as if you're blind.

Walking through your life
Full of resentment and regret
That always leaves you feeling
So emotionally upset

You have to seek help
With what you're battling inside
Because you can't swim alone
Against your own tide

Your trials your trauma
And all your tears
Will not hold you back
Anymore this year

So be the person
You were meant to be
And do this all
While being completely clean

Say goodbye
To the turmoil and strife
And make this the year
You take back your life!



Tonya Zuber was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She currently lives in Central Pa. Tonya started writing poetry as a little girl but got serious about it after the passing of her brother. Her poems are a mix of grief, loss, hope, and her battles through depression. Tonya uses her poetry as her therapy, it's her way of coping with her...

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