Sweet Love Poem

Comfort Of A Relationship

This poem indicates how love is comfortable.

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It is soooooo good to read and recite. The sun remains in me even at night.

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By My Side

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Published: August 2017

Though the sun sets and finalizes another day,
It leaves us with an array of color and hope,
Hope that a new day will come,
Hope that life with you will continue to be as beautiful
As it is now.
It fills my heart with gladness knowing that
Though the sun is being replaced with night,
When I lay my head to rest,
You will be by my side,
Comforting me tonight.



What can I say about myself? Many paths I have travelled, with many more to pass. My poetry is an extension of myself - a thought, a feeling, an expression of interest, a pain, a smile. All I want out of this life is to make my family proud, and to let others know that they aren't alone in their dark times. Others have gone through it, and others are going through it now. I am living proof that if you hold on to even the smallest thread of hope, you can make it and though it may take a few years, and though it may feel like you're still going nowhere, one day you will wake up and find yourself somewhere with someone who is proud of you and loves you. Don't think people don't understand where you are in your life or what you've been through or are going through. Everyone has a story. Mine is reflected and hidden through my writings. Start writing your own. It's part of healing and growth. You will survive. You will make it. You will make someone proud. You will make yourself proud.

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  • Lee, Seung-ah by Lee, Seung-ah
  • 2 years ago

It is soooooo good to read and recite. The sun remains in me even at night.

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