Christmas Poem

Remembering The True Christmas

It's a birthday, a time of joy. Gifts for all and love and peace. Cold winter nights and pretty lights. All these are symbols of Christmas, a story told the world over. A gift of all gifts.

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Sandra Hearth © more by Sandra Hearth

Published by Family Friend Poems December 2018 with permission of the Author.

December is here and there's ice all around.
All the leaves are gone and the soil has hardened on the ground.

Icy breath as you exhale,
Waiting for wrapped parcels to be delivered in the mail.

Baubles and tinsel and candy canes,
Snow now settling on the window panes.

Trees all a glitter as we pass by.
Hot cups of chocolate and homemade mince pie.

Smells of puddings, cakes and all things good,
Crackling fires as we burn more wood.

Carols heard from across the park.
Lights all glistening as they brighten up the dark.

Families gather to spend this day as one,
Hugging, talking, putting right all that's wrong.

But much more than all of this above,
This is a time for forgiveness and love.

It's Christmas and a time of joy.
It's the birthday of a special baby boy.

It's about a story that's lasted throughout the ages of time,
About a man who turned water into wine.

He helped and he protected all in need,
And the poorly he healed and the hungry he did feed.

A gift above gifts, for all of mankind.
So perfect, so gentle, so divine.

A time to celebrate on the 25th of December.
A time to be grateful and a time to remember.

With thanks and gifts they did bring.
It's time once again to rejoice the birth of a king.



I love writing ...funny, sad, happy, whatever I'm feeling.
It's a joy and I can leave behind all the noise of this world and go to places that make me feel, sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh.
It's therapeutic a lot ot of the time, life's journey can take us to places we didn't choose and writing helps me heal.

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