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A Child's Imagination While Eating

As a child, when we had soup, I would crumble crackers in with it. When they became soggy, sometimes they would take different shapes, and I would let my imagination loose.

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Cow In My Soup

Kevin T. Pearson © more by Kevin T. Pearson

Published by Family Friend Poems September 2019 with permission of the Author.

My mom said, "Eat all your soup,
every piece of chicken and every noodle."
But there's a cow in my soup.

I need to get him out of there.
I don't know if he can swim.
How he got there, I'm not aware.

My mom says, "Stop slurping your soup,"
every time he starts to moo.
Heck, I'm just hoping he doesn't poop

He keeps splashing me with his tail.
My mom says, "You're making a mess."
She must have gotten this soup on sale.

I give up; it's no use.
My mom says, "For dessert,
We're having chocolate mousse."


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