Easter Poem

Giving Thanks For The Gift Of Easter

There are so many arguments about Easter. Some say we shouldn't celebrate it as it's pagan; others enjoy the chocolate treats it provides; others enjoy it as a time for rest and recreation. For me, Easter is important because without it, I would have no hope. Easter is a time of focus. It reminds me what Jesus Christ has done on the Cross to save me, a sinner.

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The Other Side Of Easter

Carol A. Andrews © more by Carol A. Andrews

Published: April 12, 2022

You can look, but you won't find me
Once where I used to be.
You may call, but I won't hear you,
For another called to me.
You may reach,
But you won't touch me,
For in another's heart I'm held.
Another's love is sweeter now,
A new life is complete now,
Sin and Death defeated now,
Living the other side of Easter.

So much sadness standing still.
What was the point or purpose?
Nothing to look forward to,
No pleasure left to purchase.
Nothing more, I had it all,
That life - nothing but a circus.
Surrounded in my loneliness.
For pleasure is all meaningless.
Without Him, life is reasonless,
Living the other side of Easter.

As I attended to my weary life,
Went on my merry way,
Buried sin that crippled me,
Too hard to face the light of day,
Trapped in a world of selfishness
My heart, a lump of clay.
But He never did forsake me,
He needed just to wake me.
He had somewhere else to take me,
To the other side of Easter

I know I saw Him standing there,
His arms were open wide.
I heard Him calling out my name,
There was nowhere left to hide.
As if my life were standing still,
Just my heart that burned inside,
As a candle lights the darkest night,
He called me out of dusk's twilight,
Brought into His blessed light
From the other side of Easter.

When I touch His nail pierced hands,
My heart is filled with grief.
There is no balm to offer Him,
To bring Him some relief.
I give my heart and all I am,
In trust and full belief.
I owe a debt I can't afford,
Eternal life is my reward.
Behold the Christ, my Risen Lord.
The other side of Easter.


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