War Poem

A father goes of to fight a war. The family is filled with fear and pride of their father who lives his duty to his country. One day, there is a knock at the door and nothing will ever be the same.

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Published: February 2006

A warm tear runs down her face,
As she looks into the eyes of the one she loves.
A son swelled with pride,
Tries to be strong for everyone.
The baby cries as Daddy embraces her and tries to hold back, and as he turns and walks away, there is something she dare not see'
His are eyes welled with tears,
And there is fear on his face that is shared by many.

But, there is a duty to be done,
And he knows that he must go.
He hopes for the best,
But he knows of the trials faced,
From the ones who have gone before.

She waits for word that very seldom comes,
And hopes very soon to see him at the door.
She does what she needs, and has to do,
To keep her mind on anything,
Anything but what might be going on.
She watches the news and waits once again,
For word that hasn't come.
But, as she opens up that door,
She knows that something has gone wrong.

The angels are with him now,
And his duty was done with pride.
He is known as a hero now,
But a hero he has always been.
The pictures and the flag on the wall,
Are all that they have to show,
For the man who once fulfilled their lives,
And many could never know.


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