Dream Poem by Teens

Dreaming To Be A Singer

I thought I could be a singer, that I could make it but everyone just kept putting me down time and time again. It has come to the point where I don't believe in myself anymore.

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Shattered Dreams


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2012

I was happy
Up in the clouds
Why did you have to come?
And drag me down?

My dreams are now like a broken window
The pieces are falling
You say I'm not talented enough
That I couldn't make it
Were you trying to bring me down?
Well you got what you wanted

I've given up on my dream
You fill me with so much hate
So much self loathing
I thought I was good
I thought I could make it
But apparently I can't

I know that now
You were right
I'm not talented enough, I couldn't make it
All this time I spent hating myself
The only thing keeping me together was the thought that one day my dream would come true
You destroyed that too

You don't know how much I despise you
But you were right
I was only trying to fool myself into thinking I could make it
But I can't
And now my dreams are shattered and hope has left me


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