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Poem About Wanting To Be Saved From Pain

This story has been haunting me for as long as I can remember. It's been so many years, I don't even's like living a dream every day. I felt so trapped and needed help. You know when you just meet someone and suddenly everything makes sense in the world? finally happened. He came into my life so unexpectedly and has changed it for the better. Even if it's not romantic, he became my best friend instantly and a guardian angel. This poem is for him and to say thank you for saving me.

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Feeling The Pain


Published: July 2016

I'm starting to feel that pain again,
The feeling of loss,
The feeling of hurt,
The feeling of sadness,
Losing the feeling of happiness that was once there.
I can feel the feeling within just decreasing,
Slowly...slowly...fading away from all existence.
Can you hear my cries?
Can you hear the whimpering?
Am I just going crazy?
Tell me...I'll listen.
Tell me that I'm going to be fine,
Save me.
I want to be saved.
Only you can help me.
You have the key to this cell I'm trapped in.
Rescue me from this hell.
Don't let me feel this pain anymore. me from this monster.
Hear my cries,
Hear my pain.
Don't let this consume me whole.
I don't want to feel the pain anymore.
Rescue me.



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