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Poem To Family I'm Suffering

Have you ever felt like you're alone? Like nobody notices you? All of your pain and suffering just passes people's eyes without a second glance? Do you know how it feels to be ignored? Or to feel unwanted? Sadly, many do, including myself. This is my plea, not only for me, but for anybody and everybody feeling the way that I do. Mothers, brothers, sisters, and fathers. We are putting it out there; we just need you to pay attention.

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Such a beautiful poem. I thank you for sharing. I have felt this way for many years.

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Pay Attention


Published: June 2016

You only see
What you want to see,
Letting other things pass you blindly.

You only hear
What you want to hear,
Ignoring the rest
Without thinking.

So how can you say
You know it's not true,
When so many things
Never get through?

But what if I somehow
Made you pay attention,
Told you all of the things you never heard?

Made you stop
And listen?

If I told you of all those times
I silently cried at night,
What if I told you of all the hurt
That painfully resides inside?

Would it reach your ears?
Would you really care?
Or would you still treat me
Like I'm not even there?

And what if I made you see
Everything you've missed?
Like the scars on my arms and legs
But by you
Get dismissed.

What if I showed you
My heart slowly breaking,
Would you notice it's years in the making?

All of the tears
And all of the pain,
You never noticed.
No, you never hear.

Maybe it's time
That you realize
What's been going on
Right in front of your eyes.

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  • Belen Nino by Belen Nino
  • 1 year ago

Such a beautiful poem. I thank you for sharing. I have felt this way for many years.

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