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I'm Chels :) writing is a big part of my life. I'm athletic and brave. and I love meeting new people. my boyfriend is my everything, and without him id have no inspiration or feeling. my family is the best.

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Hurting Softly


Published: January 2009

She lay in her bed,
the covers up close,
one hand clenched tight,
the other held the music that soothed her soul,
dug in deep and twisted her stomach.
Her eyes shut tight,
her heart a single beat.
There used to be a rhythm,
a drumming of two.
But the second beat,
the second beat left.
And no matter how hard she fought
the ocean poured through the cracks in the corner,
slid down her nose and quenched the pillow case.
She thought of him, he thinks of her.
And no matter how hard she willed it,
his face won't go away.
Her heart sinks deeper, emotion stays strong.
She turns now to face the wall,
like the blank slate that paves her face.
She'll hold it back, bite her lip and dig her nails in deep.
39 her waste of time.
But she'll never let go, you can bet on it.


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