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I have met this man..who has been really hurt by other women is hard for him to trust me his feelings are hot and then cold..I really like him and would like to begin a relationship with him, but I am really not sure if it is the right thing to do for me.

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My Words Are In My Thoughts And Heart


Published: June 2010

I know it is hard to trust another when you have been hurt,
You're protecting your heart, keeping it close to you.
So close you won't let anyone in,

You say you want to find love again
But want to take it slow
One minute you want to spend time with me
Then others you don't.

You share no feelings, or thoughts
So that I can understand,
It feels like you're using me, so you're not so alone

I really like you and it would be sad to let you go
I really want to know you as a person
Even if it is slow

When you're gone I miss you lots
Even when you're here I still miss you
Maybe this is not what you want,
I would like to think that you would tell me,
So that I don't feel so alone.

If you could just talk to me and let me know.


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